Medical Elites’ Disgrace Over Ivermectin

Medical Elites’ Disgrace Over Ivermectin

By David Gotler – Brown Institute, May, 2024,

In the wake of the FDA settling a lawsuit brought against it for wantonly and aggressively smearing Ivermectin, the agency has deleted its postings. That’s good, but we shouldn’t forget how egregiously it mischaracterized the drug, ignored copious evidence in its favour, and portrayed its proponents as dangerous crackpots. 

About 30 months ago, America’s FDA was publishing articles with headlines like this: “Should I take Ivermectin to treat COVID?” Answer: No. The agency also told Americans not to use Ivermectin to prevent Covid. Then, in what became known as its infamous “horse tweet,” the FDA even patronizingly told Americans: “Seriously, y’all. stop it.” 

Prescribers who advocated for alternate treatments like Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine were mocked online by America’s “trusted journalists” as being part of a “right-wing conspiracy” and labeled “hucksters.” Those who didn’t demure to the Covid mRNA or other Big Pharma treatment narratives were banned, fired, and spoken harshly about around the world and into the reaches of the stratosphere in what seemed like coordinated messaging.

Many clinicians lost their jobs – at best. At worst, their reputations, practices, finances, and careers were shattered. If that was not bad enough, after losing their jobs, state medical and pharmacy boards initiated legal proceedings against their licensure, singling out their “off-label” Covid treatments, despite other off-label treatments being a near-ubiquitous component of pharmacy and medical practice.

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