The Dark Web: Going So Deep Into The Intelligence Apparatus

The Dark Web: Going So Deep Into The Intelligence Apparatus. Unprecedented!

I am disclosing this Intelligence (from a historical perspective) to each and every member of Malaysian Intelligence Apparatus so that we can use history to prepare for the current challenges. I stand to be corrected. There are disclosures in this video (reformatted from old archive / VHS Tapes) that will stun and shock even the old hands and professionals in the Intel field.

  1. How Coups, Assassinations, Unsanctioned Secret Military Operations are planned, executed and covered up at the highest levels!

  2. How Intelligence Apparatus rehabilitated enemies (e.g. Nazis) to head and or run Western Intel Agencies till today. The Iron Curtain speech by Churchill (which I have alluded) was plagiarised /stolen from a top Nazi to justify the “Cold War”.

  3. The word “agency” what does it mean????   You have not asked the $ Trillion question. CIA, DIA etc. and who are the agents within the AGENCY  who serve a higher authority.  Who is above the “High Cabal” and why $Hundreds of Billions are needed. Why do you think over  $7 Trillion in the Pentagon cannot be audited and accounted for?

  4. So much more.   Guaranteed our Intel Apparatus knows little of what have been revealed by this video. We don’t know because it was reformatted from a VHS tape for Youtube.

Watch  the video below, very slowly and carefully at least five times. Make extensive notes on the special methods and analyses revealed by THE expert, the late Col Fletcher Prouty – served as Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy. A Colonel in the United States Air Force and on retirement became a banker.  

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