Stratfor, George Friedman: “Europe: Destined for Conflict?”

Stratfor, George Friedman: “Europe: Destined For Conflict?”

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

You must watch this video by George Friedman presented at the Chicago Council in 2015 (not a typing error), years ago …… Wake up as the current events were planned and known in advance.

All Malaysian Professionals in the Intelligence Community must watch this video.

I am not making any comments for if I do that, I will be accused of brainwashing or influencing their perspective. I have no intentions for doing this.

Go to the 44th minute of video on the Q & A segment if you cannot have the time to watch the whole video. But, you must watch the entire video if you are a professional Intel Operative.

Stratfor is “the private CIA” as it has been called.  I can’t be bothered whether you agree or not. But you better understand the views of STRATFOR’s founder, George Friedman.

Watch the video below asap: Wait for at least

30 seconds for video to be uploaded.