Unprecedented: MOVE 2024 – Tham Thei by Michelle Jueney (Odissi)

Unprecedented: MOVE 2024 – Tham Thei by Michelle Jueney (Odissi)

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

ABOUT THE WORK. Tham Thei is a pure dance item and one of the oldest works of Guru Deba Prasad Das, one of the 4 founders and pioneer of Odissi Dance. This is an original dance item of one of the oldest repertoires of Indian Classical Dance. Tham Thei is usually performed by a male solo or two female duets. However, the dance has been performed by a young solo female a long time ago and an existing archival video of Guru Deba Prasad Das teaching this dance to his daughter or student is floating somewhere on the internet. The dance requires strength, endurance and stamina and is rooted in the Saivite masculine energy and the grace and lyricism of a feminine energy.

Dance composition by – Guru Deba Prasad Das Film,  Directed & Danced by: Michelle Jueney. Camera & Editor: Eric Foo,  Venue Supported by Masakini Theatre.

Jueney, is my daughter and I am so proud of her.  Her whole life is dedicated to DANCE and she has made untold sacrifices to achieve excellence and her current status, recognised the world over!  Am I bias??? If a father / parents are not proud of their children, they are idiots. She is the only Malaysian, and a Malaysian of Chinese descent, to perform this dance to a world audience on the occasion of the Official International Dance Day on 29.4.2024. If you think I am bias, prove me wrong. Show me a video of a Female Odissi Dancer in Malaysia, who has performed this incredible dance as a solo!

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Watch the video by clicking on the link. Wait for a Minute for video to be uploaded from YOUTUBE: the first 30 seconds will blow your mind. Never done before in this manner!