Whisper’s 11th Meditative Insights To The World

Whisper’s 11th Meditative Insights To The World

Shared by Matthias Chang

This Message must be read in conjunction with the Message I sent out yesterday, “About Time – What Time Is Not”. Below this article, I will be sharing a video about time.

First Thing First – Whisper Message Today

“Matthias, this message is for only those in search of Truth, has an “Open Mind” and is willing to learn and cast away the trash that has clouded their Hearts and Souls. Only a few will understand,  that this message is MEANT for them and no one else.”

“Matthias, you have made so many references to the various Faiths, Religions and the Holy Scriptures but only a handful have asked the question,

“Why did HE chose and or appoint the “Messenger” who is not a scholar?”

Continue reading from the PDF below:    Then watch the video of issue of Time and the invalidity of the Big Bang Theory below.

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Watch the video below -Time Does Not Exist: