Malaysia’s Wake-Up-Call Dilemmas – In Three Parts: Part III

Malaysia’s Wake-Up-Call Dilemmas: In Three Parts

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

Part 3


The Tea Ceremony Story

I am going to share an important story with you, from my personal experience, “The Tea Ceremony Story,” which took me over six decades to understand and appreciate. The story was a humbling experience for me and taught me two invaluable characteristic which I must spend a lifetime to nurture and practice. 

    • I am a Malaysian of Chinese descent, born into the Catholic Faith, schooled from Prep School in the UK, read Law and qualified as a Barrister at the Inns of Court School of Law (founded by the Council of Legal Education in 1852, and based initially at the Lincoln Inns for 100 years) and admitted into the Honourable Society of Inner Temple in 1975. [See (1) End Notes].

    • It is therefore unsurprising that the Chinese chauvinists and other racist minions criticised my appointment as the “Chinese Political Secretary” to Tun Mahathir Mohamad when he was the then 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia. I was labelled a “Banana – Yellow on the outside but White inside” since I do not speak or able to write in the Mandarin language.

    • My late parents were distinguished scholars in Chinese Classical literature and my father was a wordsmith in the English language and spent his entire career in the Ministry of Education, and advised the then Minister of Education, Tan Sri Khor Johari as and when required. [see (2) End Notes]. He was also a colleague with Dato Seri (Dr) Haji Hamdan Sheikh Tahir at the Ministry of Education before he became the 6th Governor of Penang, after his retirement and conferred with the award and title Tun.

I was brought up steeped in Chinese Culture and this was reinforced when I trained as the first disciple to the late Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai in the Wushu Discipline of Yan Shou Qong. My late Grandmaster was the also the first disciple of the late Grandmaster Chee Kim Tong.

Yan Shou Qong is the Holy Grail of Qiqong for Longevity.

I was also guided in the study of the Book of Changes, “I Ching” by my late Grandmaster.

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