Malaysia’s Wake-Up-Call Dilemmas: In Three Parts

Malaysia’s Wake-Up-Call Dilemmas: In Three Parts

Part 1

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward


It does not matter to me whether you agree or disagree with me vehemently. I would have achieved my objective when this PDF Article in three Parts have aroused your conscience, provoke and awaken you from your slumber and you would say: “I will do something positive for my Country, my Constitution and my King and may our Strength and more importantly our Faith and Spiritual Values, be the beacon to the world.”

I have spent 7 ½ decades in this cruel world and my country has made me what I am today and this is the time for “Pay-Back” and to “Play-Forward” for all the future generations – my children, grand-children and their peers.

I seek your indulgence that you will spend time to contemplate what I have written and summon the discipline to Walk-the-Talk!  

I have been imprisoned unlawfully and on hunger strike twice in Malaysia and was released by the sanctity and justice of two Malaysian courts, recognising my inalienable human right to fight for truth and justice. I was also imprisoned once in the genocidal state of Israel.

I bear no hate or seek vengeance against those who inflicted this pain on me and my family. I was comforted by my God and my Faith that HE will always protect and guide me, even as I am so flawed.  

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