An Appeal – Stop The Genocide Of Palestinians Iin Gaza.

An Appeal – Stop The Genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward


This is not a Letter to the King of Malaysia per se but an Appeal to his Majesty via your support for this Appeal that the massive killing of Palestinians (in total contravention of all International and Domestic Laws and Conventions ratified by all nations, who are members of the United Nations), have not ceased, but intensified and MUST be STOPPED!

The political leaders in Malaysia have let us down, especially the Palestinians  because these political leaders do not have the courage of our convictions to initiate a regional,  long lasting effort  to ensure that no genocide can be implemented in Palestine now and in the future,  and that the Zionist Anglo-American terror must be exposed completely because it is these Zionist war criminals that are establishing, funding and training brainwashed and misguided Muslim brothers and sisters to be cannon fodders for the agendas of this Zionist cabal of criminals (ISIS, Al QAEDA ETC).

This effort must start first in Malaysia, then the entire ASEAN region and through the good offices of the Heads of State of these countries, a global initiative can be mounted to outlaw and criminalise the propaganda and lies by global Main Stream Media that a people – innocent men, women and children can be slaughtered with impunity because they are not humans at all.

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