What Comes Next – After A Peak / Saturation Point?

What Comes Next – After A Peak / Saturation Point?

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

For those who consider this analysis “CONTROVERSIAL”, they have not the foggiest idea about trend analyses – specifically trends derived from political shifts, demographics, political and economic data as opposed to fake news by the “bought and paid for” journalists of the establishments’ MSM. These so-called experts focus on quarterly results, annual budgets / GDP figures, currency movements based on central banks’ reports as would a trader speculating in the relevant markets.

Is it any wonder that these so-called experts did not and could not forecast the crash/collapse in 1997 / 1998,  the 2007 / 2008 Great Recession (a misnomer), the rationale behind ZIRP – the zero per cent interest rates policy for over a decade and the current financial and economic mess unfolding in real time but, postponed and or delayed by false flag operations such as the Covid 19 Plan-demic, the Ukraine War, the Palestinian Genocide, the Demographic Wars in USA and Europe. We have not included the inevitable wars in Asia.

ASEAN must be weakened before the ugliness is unleashed!

That is the Big Picture!

What about Malaysia?

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