FREE WORLDWIDE RELEASE! “Let My People Go” By Dr. David Clements

FREE WORLDWIDE RELEASE! “Let My People Go” by Dr. David Clements 

Here is the full free version of “Let My People Go” by Professor David Clements. This film provides an all-out assault on rigged election machines and software, with a mandate to throw them out and bring honesty back to US elections.

We must NEVER be like USA under Fascist President Biden …… 

We must be free and not be censored and instead support the promotion of unity and diversity of views. 

So, why is former Minister Tan Sri Dato’ Seri, Rafidah Aziz being censored???? Why is the “Communication Minister, Ahmad Fahmi bin Mohamed Fadzil not doing anything, and so afraid of her???? Why No investigations?

Watch the Movie below: A long movie but worth your while watching. Wait for a minute for movie to upload:


Just some viewers’ Comments, posted at random:

I can’t tell you how many times I cried while watching this moving movie. Please dear God help our country and these wonderful people trying to help.


Fantastic movie really shows the corrupt DC courts, Attorney General and Biden Administration for what they are. Shows very clearly how the cheating was and is a threat to our Republic. The Democrats need to be voted out of every election statewide and nationally.

The censorship industrial complex never sleeps. Scumbags.

Freedom is priceless. I am going to spread this all over the place. Thanks!

hank you very well done I learned a few things I didn’t even know. Thought I heard it all by now. Thanks again God bless.

The best part is the testimony of the J6ers that became believers in Jesus and were baptized. Their salvation is joy to our Lord and Savior.

This is a classic film for America and what we stand for – God, Family, Country! Proclaim the Truth!

Very educational and informative reference to 2020 stolen election. Now I know why the MSM has been suppressing this docu-movie.