Ukraine Commanders Fear Collapse Of The Front by Summer – NATO To Enter The Scene?

Ukraine Commanders Fear Collapse of the Front by Summer – NATO to enter the scene?

By Cynthia Chung – Mar, 2024

This is an excellent breakdown of the situation in Ukraine today by Daniel Davis. It appears to be a consensus for those partaking in reality, that Ukraine will not be able to continue withholding their front till the end of summer or for much longer afterwards.

This is occurring while British and French NATO soldiers are overseeing the operating of their long range missiles in Ukraine against Russians. Yes, NATO soldiers are involved directly in warfare against the Russians and are not just training Ukrainian troops at this point.

Olaf Scholz has appeared, at least for now, to take the stance that Germany will not follow suit with the British and French, and will not send soldiers to partake in operating long range missiles against Russian soldiers. However, in stating such a thing, he also revealed that the British and French were doing just that…

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