WWIII – The War In Ukraine. A Perspective From A Russian Military Expert

WWIII – The War In Ukraine. A Perspective From A Russian Military Expert

Read the military Intelligence and Analysis below. No one in Malaysia have such access. So, count yourself fortunate to receive a non-Western and non-bias analysis. When you don’t have a full spectrum of global sources, you will end up short, failing in any objective analysis as in the case of USA’s Blinken, Sullivan, Nuland and Kimberley etc. in the Ukraine war. Utter failures even as they wield enormous power.

Collapse of Operation Citadel 2.0

By Konstantin Sivkov  –  Doctor of Military Sciences

Vice President of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences for Information Policy (RARAN)

The goals of the Ukrainian army’s offensive in the summer of 2023 and the size of combat groups formed to carry it out are to a certain extent comparable with what the German military fielded for its Operation Citadel in 1943. This gives us the grounds for calling Kiev’s offensive in the summer of 2023 Operation Citadel 2.0.

Considering its military-political consequences, the collapse of Citadel 2.0 meant not simply the Ukrainian army’s military-strategic defeat but also the collapse of the consolidated West’s hybrid blitzkrieg.

We can state boldly that the so-called counteroffensive attempted by the Ukrainian military in the summer of 2023 was an event against whose background all the other developments could hardly attract so much attention. This is not surprising because this counteroffensive was of key significance in the standoff between the West and Russia as its outcome largely shaped not only the situation in the special military operation area, Russia and Ukraine but also trends of the changing global situation.

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