Israel’s Secret Role in Britain

Israel’s Secret Role in Britain ….

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

“Pro-Israel forces currently have control of (UK) NHS, Foreign Office, Home Office and Ministry of Defence data ….. Your data”

Pause and think of this danger …… When all data ares collected and house in one so-called government controlled centre ….  and there is NO WAY THAT SUCH DATA ARE OR CAN BE SECURED / GUARANTEED TO BE ‘LEAK’ PROOF and WOULD BE HACKED by Global Intelligence Services (GUARANTEED IT WOULD BE MOSSAD ETC) ….. YOU, YES YOU …. the Arsehole is so easily induced/ seduced in giving up or give away your private and personal data, then you deserved to be screwed. And I hope you will be screwed right and proper!  ARSEHOLES! No apologies!

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