There Is Hope After All

By Paul Craig Roberts – January, 2024

[Matthias Chang’s comments: I share the conviction of the author that there is hope for humanity to rebuild a better and more humane world. It takes guts and conviction to write this brilliant article and it must start with the collapse of the old archaic world of injustice and hypocrisy. Such constructive positivity is very rare.]

Article starts here:

From time to time I receive a message from a reader that he or she has been reading my analyses for years, is convinced that what we have known as Western civilization is in collapse, but wishes to see some hope. What can we do to resurrect our civilization, integrity, moral behavior, and respect for truth?

My position has been that nothing can be done unless the people are aware of their plight. My job is to bring awareness. Nothing can be done until the people seek awareness and become aware. As long as the media and official narratives keep people in The Matrix, nothing can be done. Movies such as V for Vendetta and The Matrix have made this clear.

But today I bring you good news. After a conversation with a friend today, I can tell you that it is in the collapse of the system where hope resides. As every aspect of the system is corrupt, collapse is the corrective. The ruling elites have miscalculated. By bringing about the collapse, the elites are collapsing their own power.

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