STOP THE GENOCIDE – And Two PDFs – South Africa’s Petition To ICJ & Convention On Genocide

STOP THE GENOCIDE – And Two PDFs – South Africa’s Petition To ICJ & The Convention On Genocide

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Stop The Genocide By Prof John J. Meirsheimer

I am writing to flag a truly important document that should be widely circulated and read carefully by anyone interested in the on-going Gaza War.

Specifically, I am referring to the 84-page “application” that South Africa filed with the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on 29 December 2023, accusing Israel of committing genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.[1] It maintains that Israel’s actions since the war began on 7 October 2023 “are intended to bring about the destruction of a substantial part of the Palestinian national, racial and ethnic … group in the Gaza Strip.” (1) That charge fits clearly under the definition of genocide in the Geneva Convention, to which Israel is a signatory.[2]

The application is a superb description of what Israel is doing in Gaza. It is comprehensive, well-written, well-argued, and thoroughly documented. The application has three main components.

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First PDF:

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Second PDFSouth Africa’s Petition To ICJ Against Israel

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Third PDFConvention On Genocide

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