On Death – Meditative Insights from A Truth-Seeker

On Death – Meditative Insights from A Truth-Seeker

 By Matthias Chang

Over the span of many years, a decade and more, I have shared my meditative insights with my family and a selected circle of recipients, but not to my global network.

Rather strange?

Not really. I do what I am told to do.

I named the messenger of my insights, “WHISPER” because the messages were conveyed to me in whispers in the wee hours of the morning – from 3 am and during my meditative perambulations, once at home and again, in the solace and serenity of my office – the comfort of the soundlessness of nature.

I was told to convey but not to persuade anyone of the truthfulness of the messages for no one would believe me. This was my saving grace – to convey, not to convince.

This morning, I received an instruction from Whisper that my messages must be conveyed to the world, for the Chosen few who believe, are those far beyond the borders of my country.

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