Must Read – Urgent. To Non-Believers and Hypocrite Believers

Must Read – Urgent: To Non-Believers and Hypocrite Believers

By Matthias Chang

Never before in all my years of meditative practice has Whisper commanded that I share this Message BEYOND ALL BORDERS, PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY – a priority to Non-Believers and a Final Warning to hypocrite Believers as they are worse than Non-Believers.

Whisper came to me after a long absence and grimly said:

“Matthias, you have experienced strange and horrifying visions, sleepless nights and daily disappointments. We allowed the infliction of the pain and suffering that you have endured. We did not interfere as they were the pre-requisite for this message, so that you will convey this warning as received – verbatim!”

“Why, the priority for non-believers? Because they were not given the Grace and Opportunity to see the ugly and but necessary truth and were kept in the dark. The hypocrite believers – they were given the Sight but they repeatedly turned their backs on HIM and chose Evil. By their inactions, they are complicit in the horrendous crimes committed against the Innocents.

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