Israel Has Been Defeated- Will Not Exist As A State As We Know It

Israel Has Been Defeated- Will Not Exist As A State As We Know It

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[Matthias Chang’s comments: I hate to say it, but 99% of Malaysians and the so-called experts in geopolitical and international affairs are “Sheeples” and cannot see beyond the tip of their noses. They engaged in  coffee shop BS  without any evidence to support their idiotic arguments and demand respect and for reasons of politics, get a following of numb-skulls who follow obediently. Had these areseholes read the Jerusalem Post or Haaretz, they will know and or ponder the reality that Israel as a Zionist State cannot exists as created by the Zionist Anglo-American Empire. We need only to read what was published in 2016….. Yes, in 2016!!!!!!!!!!!  And I quote from Haaretz:

Senior journalist Ari Shavit said the new threats to Israel were much more dangerous than ‘old threats to its security’

The writer and journalist Ari Shavit warned on Sunday that Israel was “facing an existential threat” which was much more dangerous than “old threats to its security.” In a coruscating speech, he blamed his own camp of progressive Israelis for failure to address political and social problems so that they were perceived as “detached” from reality and Israeli society. In my mind, we have no more than a decade, perhaps less”.

Count your fingers and as we are now in 2023….. Ari Shavit did not consider that there would be an attack by HAMAS on the Zionist State of Israel in 2023 when he wrote his article in 2016.]

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Now download and read the PDF article by Ari Shavit:

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“the main challenge facing Israel is threefold. One is the fact that the one-state situation is developing into a cancer that will soon be irreversible. In my mind, we have no more than a decade, perhaps less”.

The second challenge facing Israel, said Shavit, was “the attack on its legitimacy. Israel is losing its legitimacy. If Israel becomes a pariah state and the West turns its back on Israel, we have no future. That’s more dangerous to us than all the security problems we face”.

And the third element, he said, “is the attack on Israel’s democracy”. He charged the “new Israeli right”, both religious and secular, of “betraying the Jabotinsky traditions with unprecedented attacks on the democratic values which made Israel so great. First they went after Haaretz; then the ‘lefties’; then the Supreme Court. Now they go after the IDF!”