Israeli Deceit & the Ongoing Battle of Shifa Hospital

Israeli Deceit & the On-going Battle of Shifa Hospital

By Gareth Porter – November, 2023

[Matthias Chang’s short comments:  There are some criminal arseholes warning us, i.e. Malaysians not to watch or read Fake News ans videos. But these harlots of fake news, dare not publish the entirety of genuine articles and or publish the websites that provides genuine news. These fake news harlots are misleading you and may want you to read their fake news by promoting their BS and or organisations. Be aware of such tactics. We are vigilant and if they persist, we will whack them till they beg for mercy.] 

Gareth Porter’s article begins below:

“…the claim that the largest medical center in the Gaza Strip provides cover for Hamas is the longest running theme in Israeli war propaganda, dating back nearly 15 years.”

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