Judge Napolitano: Col. Karen Kwiatkowski On Biden Regime – A Government of Cowards.

Judge Napolitano: Col. Karen Kwiatkowski On Biden Regime – A Government of Cowards.

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Karen Kwiatkowski is an American activist and commentator.  She is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel whose assignments included duties as a Pentagon desk officer and a variety of roles for the National Security Agency. Since retiring, she has become a noted critic of the U.S. government’s involvement in Iraq. Kwiatkowski is primarily known for her insider essays which denounce a corrupting political influence on the course of military intelligence leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Step into the complex world of geopolitics with our special guest, Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski. From unraveling the mystery surrounding the Nordstream Pipeline and the CIA’s third narrative, to scrutinizing the enigma of the crashing black hawk helicopters, get ready for an insightful and illuminating journey.

We also shed light on Colonel Kwiatkowski’s experiences in the air force and engage in a provocative discussion based on her latest article, ‘We Have a Government of Clowns, Clunkers, and Criminals and We Have a Government of Cowards’. Our discourse doesn’t stop there. We take a hard look at the Biden administration’s handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Challenging the accepted narratives, we dissect the resistance from the Netanyahu government to the US support for a two-state solution. We scrutinize recent arms shipments to Israel, questioning what our actions truly reveal.

Plus, we examine the contrasting perspectives on the Biden administration’s proposition to reunify Gaza and the West Bank under Palestinian leadership. In the final stretch, we dare to tackle accountability in the wake of the October 7th attacks. Uncover the implications of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reluctance to accept responsibility and the intense political engagement of the Israeli people. Furthermore, we don’t shy away from analyzing the response to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ accusation of Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinian civilians being tantamount to a war crime. Join us as we navigate through these important issues, challenging the status quo and seeking the truth.

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