Matthias Chang’s Call: Establish God’s Phoenix Brigade To Fight Zionist Talmudist Mass Murderers. Until Total Victory

Matthias Chang’s Call: Establish God’s Phoenix Brigade To Fight  Zionist Talmudist  Mass Murderers. Until Total Victory

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

An Indictment On The Cowardly, Self-Centred Malaysians.

If the indictment hat fits you, put it on! If not, pass it on to those who are wearing this hat and tell them to piss off and not soil the good name of Malaysia. Redeem Malaysia!

Address to All Malaysians

Regardless of your religion, I am answering God’s call, from the message I received from “Whisper” during my meditation practice, to fight against the Zionist Talmudist Mass Murderers in Gaza. Since 7th October, 2023 – the heroic attack by Palestinians in Gaza on Zionist Talmudist Israel, I have been waiting for Malaysia to answer the call.

None has been forth coming.

It is now the 10th November, 2023.  

Enough is enough! No more waiting!  Malaysia is infected with the Evil disease “entitlement” that has shackled and driven Malaysians into a stupor of cowardice, selfishness and crocodile tears.

The below statement is an explanation as to why we are infected with the disease ‘Entitlement”.

We are not ENTITLED to be called “SOLDIERS OF GOD”, regardless of your religion. The glory and sacrifice must be EARNED by deeds not by mere talking the talk!  

I am therefore calling for the establishment of a volunteer fighting force called The Phoenix Brigade”.

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