Origins of Hamas/Israeli War : John J. Mearsheimer

Origins of Hamas/Israeli War : John J. Mearsheimer

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

We posted this video, in the hope that you will watch the video at least three times and learn and learn the two approaches to the issue before them.

I am sure that you will not have the discipline and or the stamina to do what I asked of you because you are too damn lazy and screwed up.  No apologies!

There are two approaches as apparent:

One by a experienced Judge.

The other, that of a giant in Intellectual discourse, who has been very accurate in his forecasts and analysis, some forecasts revealed in decades before it happened.

Prof. Mearsheimer repeatedly told Judge Napolitano to be especially careful in the choice of words, attitude etc and to appreciate the nuances in the discourse of the unfolding historic events. 


Divide and Rule;

One state v two state solution;

USA installed the regime in West bank for their own interest, notwithstanding was an election in Palestine, while Israeli preferred HAMAS because HAMAS wanted a One State solution.

Listen carefully and don’t jump to conclusions.  HAMAS is and was never stooge of Israel, in spite all the propaganda …… if it was so simple, the issue would not have dragged on for decades since 1948.

This video was uploaded to test your ability to listen, think, analyse and embark on further research as what you know, is mainly from the global MSM’s fake news and your prejudice. I don’t expect you to agree but what I wanted is that you put on the thinking cap and be discipline.    

Watch the video below: