BRICS Plus Six, Ukraine, and the Multipolar World Economy!

BRICS Plus Six, Ukraine, and the Multipolar World Economy!

By Prof. Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar

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[Matthias Chang’s comments: If you are part of the Intel and the Wisma Putra apparatus (Foreign Affairs Ministry) I suggest that you READ, STUDY  AND ENSURE all your subordinates do the same. There is no article that I am aware of, as at 1st September 2o23, that explain so clearly and accurately the earth shaking geopolitical developments that is unfolding at such a rapid pace, specifically by the BRICS and the SCO member countries. We in Malaysia are being left far behind, but not Indonesia. When you received this posting, please ensure also that your bosses are aware of these developments. If not, you are absolutely incompetent.]

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……… President Putin gave a very good speech where he said that basically the countries, the colonial epoch of European colonialism has been replaced by financial controls and that countries cannot be independent until they’re financially independent.

Well, easy for him to say because the United States has forced him to be independent, is forcing China to be independent and is driving all of the countries to be independent.

But what his speech said was that the countries of the so-called global billion, he said, have gone to great lengths to preserve a unipolar world as it used to be. It suits them. They are the ones who benefit from it. And they’re trying to replace international law with their own order. But nobody’s seen the rules of this order.

So what he pointed out is that this order is just a new kind of colonialism. And he specifically quoted Brazil’s President Lula when he said that Lula mentioned the debt burden of the developing economies that they face.

Of course, he said, on the one hand, there’s this effort to siphon off all these resources. Well, the other hand, in terms of lending, the relations are engineered in a way that requires repaying these loans virtually impossible so that these obligations can be viewed as mandatory indemnities rather than loan payments.

Well, that threw down the gauntlet. At some point that they couldn’t really discuss publicly, today, they’re going to realize that if we’re going to use our economic surpluses to develop our own infrastructure, our own government spending on basic needs, we cannot turn over our economic surplus to the Western holders of dollar debt.

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