Zelensky Will Be Murdered by CIA, How And Why By Former CIA Spy, Larry Johnson!

Zelensky Will Be Murdered by CIA – How And Why By Former CIA Spy, Larry Johnson!

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[Matthias Chang’s comments: I have differed and postponed all my other researches and writings to upload this video. Just received, though video was broadcasted by Redacted on 8.8.2023! No time to go into details. This video is a MUST watch video. What is also important and more startling is the admission by a top US general, on the state of war in Ukraine etc.  Our Intel Apparatus MAY NOT HAVE briefed the PM or the DPM of this red hot news and analysis, and we are stark naked! I am sure that they have not.]  

[I am worried about the mid and long term effects that will impact on Malaysia. I cannot be bothered by the State Elections, a waste of my time – intellectual masturbation, but our Intel Apparatus thinks otherwise. It is unbelievable!!!  US and NATO are scared shits, as otherwise why would a top General be summoned to testify before Congress, that Russia’s military is not degraded at all by the war in Ukraine! Share widely!]  


NATO is getting ready to throw Ukraine under the tank. Ex-CIA Larry Johnson says western intelligence are looking for ways to get rid of Zelensky and make it look like a Russian missle strike. General Cavoli says Russia’s military hasn’t been degraded AT ALL by the conflict in Ukraine despite what CNN says. And how long until the weapons bound for Ukraine wind up in the hands of African countries rising up against the U.S. and France?

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