The Bell Tolls For Fiat AND Why The Dollar Is Finished

The Bell Tolls For Fiat   AND   Why The Dollar Is Finished!

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[Matthias Chang’s comments: This is a double whammy (two brilliant articles) on the global consequences of BRICS and SCO coming together to hasten the end of the US/UK Empire and the hegemony of US fiat currency. My target audience has always been the selected 20 recipients of my videos and messages. By as a result of the rapid developments of  the geopolitical shifts from West to East and of the 20 recipients, 16 are snoring, absolutely useless and clueless, my hope is that the remaining four (4) will rise to the occasion and join me to save our Malaysia disaster.

[If by end of October, 2023, arseholes and wankers in the Malaysian power equation are still clueless and blinkered, then I have to accept the inevitable conclusion, that Karma has “spoken” and I must accept that our country deserves the punishment meted. You have been warned. But, you guys cannot be bothered as in the past. So be it.]   

The Double Whammy begins below:

The importance of Russia’s announcement that a new gold-backed trade currency is on the BRICS meeting agenda for August 22—24 in Johannesburg seems to have gone completely over everyone’s heads, with mainstream media not even reporting it. 

This is a mistake. China and Russia know that if they are to succeed in removing the dollar from their sphere of influence, they have to come up with a better alternative. They also know they have to consolidate their trade partners into a formidable bloc, so plans are afoot to consolidate BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and the Eurasian Economic Union along with those nations who wish to join in. It will be a super-group embracing most of Asia (including the Middle East), Africa, and Latin America.

The groundwork for the new currency has been laid by Sergei Glazyev and is considerably more advanced than generally realised.

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