“TRUST US!” A Documentary by the Pacific Legal Foundation

TRUST US!  A Documentary by the Pacific Legal Foundation

Why are you a zombie, and why you are so obedient and compliant to submit to authoritarianism, Khairy’s and DG’s bullying to take the poisonous shot?

This video explains it. The reason for your attitude is called “Trust Us, we are the experts!”

We rely on experts. Everyone should. Sick? Visit the doctor. Tooth trouble? The dentist. Car trouble? The mechanic. Climbing Mount Everest? Hire a guide. Want to come closer to God? A church near you meets at 10:30 or 11 this Sunday.

Experts are indispensable aides to lives well-lived. Trust Us, a new documentary from the Pacific Legal Foundation, discusses experts in a wholly different role. These experts do not offer advice. They issue commands. The documentary considers the role experts assumed in the twentieth century: figuring out what you should do and how you should do it. You aren’t just to seek their counsel. You are to obey – or else.

Trust Us tells the story of the administrative state’s emergence and evolution through the twentieth century. A group of eminent commentators that includes Amity Shlaes (author of The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression and Great Society: A New History) and Roger Koppl (author of Expert Failure) begin by explaining Frederick Winslow Taylor’s ideas about “scientific management” — a term he used at the suggestion of Louis Brandeis – and finish by discussing expert failure during the COVID pandemic.

Martin Gurri, the author of The Revolt of the Public, argued that “The Communist Party is the ultimate Taylorist organization.” Experts would give orders, the rest of us would obey, and utopia would follow. In an age of scientific management and governance, bourgeois notions of economic and political freedom could be dispensed with, lest they obstruct the experts’ plans.

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