Must Watch: United States And Worldwide Geopolitics Analysis – Russia Ukraine Conflict

United States and Worldwide Geopolitics Analysis – Russia Ukraine Conflict

Latest news update with Colonel Douglas Macgregor. Interview with Dr. Michael Vlahos.

Uploaded by Matthias Chang

This is a Must Watch video because, no one and no one can provide a more thorough  analysis than Col Douglas Macgregor, a US war veteran. That in itself should wake you up to the cruel reality of war, specifically why the US wages wars all over the world, for the past 150 years.

While we in Malaysia are totally oblivious to the geopolitical impact on our country’s future, the rest of the world, especially the members of the BRICS and the SCO have prepared for a future of a multi-polar world and the inevitable financial dislocation / disruption resulting from the de-dollarisation of the global economy. We are in WWIII !!!  And because no bombs are dropping in our country, Malaysians believe nothing will happen to them.

Then the shit hits the ceiling fan……….   too late!!!!!   Inflation and huge rise in the costs of living will be irrelevant, when global banks are failing…… I gave warnings on this urgency to the Prime Minister via trusted channels, but thus far, my warnings fell on deaf ears.  So be it, if we neglect to heed the signs and warnings from Allah!

His Will Be Done!!!


arnings from Allah. His Will Be Done!!!