Bob Moriaty: Ukraine Will Surrender & the Great Reset Will Fail

Bob Moriarty: Ukraine Will Surrender & the Great Reset Will Fail

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When there is an interview by Bob Moriarty, I drop everything and watch the video interview. There are very few wise man that I would vouch for their honesty and integrity. If you are born after the 1970s, it is most likely that you are a thorough brainwashed victim of the US/UK mind control system. This video is special,as you will learn much about the hisotry of the world before 1970s. Fast forward to today, and you will learn. To provoke uour interest and attention, let me just say this – Putin infiltrated and penetrated WEF.  I

In as far as I am concerned, regarding Kissinger and Putin, forget all the nonsense you may have read about Putin and Kissinger. Putin was trying to recruit Kissiner and or use him to his and Russia’s advantage. A professional intelligence operative would invariably pursue that course.  Below is a short history of Bob!

Vietnam veteran, author, and investor Bob Moriarty discusses the war in Ukraine, how the U.S. has been supporting Nazis since WWII, and that Russia is acting in self-defense. Zelensky is being run by the U.S. and Ukraine will end up being split into three pieces. Everything we’re seeing in regards to the collapsing economy and food and energy shortages is a result of The Great Reset. Bob believes we’re witnessing the ultimate battle between good and evil. America is at the end of empire and we’re experiencing a worldwide revolution as the economy deteriorates which will last for years.

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