Constitutional Monarchy – Only Bulwark Against Parliamentary Tyranny & Coups To Establish A Republic

Constitutional Monarchy – Only Bulwark Against Parliamentary Tyranny & Coups To Establish A Republic

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

 Tun Mahathir & UMNO Decades of Brainwashing

 The coup continues and the counter-attack against the exposé of Tun M’s subversion of our Constitution, the Supreme Law of Malaysia, have reached a frenzy pitch and the plotters are now in utter confusion and desperation.

Tun Mahathir (Tun M) went off the grid and diverted the spotlight on his subversion of the Malaysian Constitution by issuing a call, inter-alia that Muslims must kill the French for insulting the Prophet, being insensitive to the feelings of Muslims and the President of France must account for the killings of millions of people by French colonialists. It was the usual strategy to shore up his sagging popularity domestically and a perverse attempt to reclaim the self-proclaim title, “Champion of Islam” internationally. Tun M failed miserably, but he cares not!

However, if we do not pinpoint and address head-on the problem that our country is facing, we will not be able to provide the proper and relevant solutions. I concede readily that Tun M’s demonization of their Majesties, the Rulers of their respective States in the Federation and the Agong (the King) has been effective, as even the so-called Malaysian constitutional law experts and pundits domestically and overseas have held and continue to subscribe to the view that the Rulers and Agong are figureheads, in fact puppets to do as they are “advised” (i.e. told by the prime minister or his cabinet) in like manner as the British Residents behaved when they were the colonial masters!

The Sword of Damocles was placed over the heads of the Rulers all these years to ensure “constitutional compliance” and it was also the systematic intimidation of the majority of voters that unless the coalition government, Barisan Nasional was returned with a 2/3 majority in Parliament in the General Election, the Rulers would become “Absolute Rulers” without any “Check and Balance” and parliamentary democracy would be doomed.

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