By Matthias Chang

One cannot make this up.

Joshua Geltzer, Ph.D a hardcore supporter of false Muslim Obama and war criminal Hillary, a left over at the US National Security Council  has openly called for a Coup  against President Trump before the 2020 presidential elections. Dr. Geltzer called for the Democrat Party controlled US House of Representatives to bring before them in the next few months,  the US Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to make them swear they will overthrow President Trump.

This is shocking!!!!!

But, be more alarmed with the recent events happening in Malaysia. I am referring to the toxic affidavit filed by Hamid Sultan a judge of the Court of Appeal who had alleged inter-alia that there are some very bad judges, supporters of Najib. That may well be true.

But, the manner in which the said Judge affirmed his affidavit is a gross misconduct but no one seems to be willing to expose this misconduct and to counter that what was highlighted – his supposed bravery and being a hero for justice and truth is in fact a gross contempt of court. Read on!

If truth be told, the judge’s action is far from being heroic. His misconduct has soiled the good name of the entire judiciary. I can say without fear of contradiction that the affidavit filed by the said judge has failed to comply with all the requirements of an affidavit to be deposed under the law. And if any litigant or lawyer were to deposed such an affidavit, I am confident that any court would, under its inherent jurisdiction, strike out the affidavit as being frivolous and vexatious and more importantly an act of  gross contempt of court!


The judge is not a party to the High Court proceedings filed by the daughter (the Applicant) of the late Karpal Singh. Yet, the said Judge deemed it fit to file an affidavit in support of the Applicant’s case and in the said affidavit made sweeping and very serious allegations against members of the judiciary. But, the judge lacks the courage of his conviction to name the “bad” judges and in one instance referred to a judge by “ARCL”. In fact, if this is meant to be an acronym, the usage is incorrect because an acronym is but an abbreviation of a name. ARCL cannot by any measure be an abbreviation of the name of a judge or lead to the identification of a person.

In one swoop, the entire judiciary has been maligned, the good and the bad by this frustrated judge. Maybe the said judge has an ulterior motive. The public has the right to know and query as to why the said Judge ventured into a proceeding at the High Court where he has no business to be involved. Surely, and the correct way for the Applicant is to apply to the Court to issue a subpoena to get the said judge as a witness to testify in court. The Judge in that event would have a choice to strike out the subpoena for whatever cogent reasons or agree to testify in Court on pain of perjury and subject to cross-examination etc.

Lest we forget, all accused persons are entitled to the due process of law – a murderer, a drug offender, a rapist – and deemed innocent until convicted as charged. Therefore, all the judges accused by the said Hamid Sultan must be afforded the right to defend and clear their names.

There are precise constitutional provisions for the removal of judges by a properly constituted tribunal.

So, we have to ask Hamid Sultan and all the lawyers who support his gross misconduct the following questions:

  • There is no dispute, that an Internal Inquiry was constituted to investigate into the said Judge’s allegations. The Inquiry was suspended pending the finalisation of criminal investigations by the relevant authorities. Why did the said Judge not wait for the criminal investigations to be completed?
  • There have been no allegations that there were irregularities or improprieties in the said Internal Inquiry. So, why has the said Judge jump to such hasty actions?
  • Why has the said judge in his affidavit held himself out to be the most qualified and experienced by virtue of his academic qualifications?
  • Is the judge unhappy by the fact that he was not promoted to the Federal Court while others “junior” to him were elevated?
  • Why did the said judge, at this particular point in time, take the public road to air his grievances? Why not at the point in time of the Internal Inquiry?
  • Who was behind the publication of the affidavit? The judge himself? The Applicant? The lawyers etc. who support his action and Why?
  • The said Judge had already disclosed his allegations at the Malaysian Bar’s Law Conference. Why is there a need to repeat his allegations, when it is already in the public domain?

Pause and think.

Now consider the following events.

Recently, a lawyer made a statement concerning the judiciary which I shall paraphrase. The gist is that if inter-alia, there are good and fair judges, evidence are not fabricated, witnesses are not being coached etc. Najib cannot be convicted of the crimes for which he has been charged. It follows from that assertion that if and when Najib is convicted of any crimes, it must be that the judges were not fair or evidence were fabricated or witnesses were coached in giving their testimonies.

The above sinister statement would be deemed to be “corroborated” by Hamid Sultan’s assertion in his affidavit. But, is this assertion correct? The propaganda has already being prepared for such a conclusion and the hard core fanatics of Najib would be incited to do the needful.

Then, we will have another situation. In the event that Najib succeeds in some cases, the chorus will be the said presiding judges would be good and fair judges. When Najib fails to “win” the chorus would be that the presiding judges handing down the convictions would be bad and corrupt. In the result, be assured that Najib’s fanatical followers will issue the cry, “There must be instituted urgent reforms of the judiciary to ensure justice and truth will prevail”. Wow!!!!!!!

Can you not smell something bad???  This narrative is planned to incite followers to do the unthinkable. The majority of the good judges would be maligned, with no remedies and treated as scoundrels but the guilty criminal who has raped and plundered our country would be gloating and would if incarcerated, claim his imprisonment is a political witch hunt and the charges were fake crimes!

Najib would be portrayed as the Malaysian Nelson Mandela! What an insult to the great African patriot!

Hence, my stand against Hamid Sultan even though it is unpopular!

I have major difference with Tun M and I make no bones about it. I mean what I say and I say what I mean! Blunt and direct, no fairy tales or cheap propaganda. But, I will not tolerate any attempt by anyone to create the conditions for his ouster as Tun M is the duly elected Member of Parliament and the constitutionally appointed Prime Minister as is President Trump. One may not like both of them for whatever reasons. But, we should never subvert the law and the Constitution to effect a coup because of unbridled lust for power.


I was abused and incarcerated by the previous regime for a fake crime and treated as a terrorist under the SOSMA provisions. And it was a fake crime. But, my client and I never lobbied for any specific judge to hear our case and or asked for preferential treatment. I am willing to swear on any Holy Scriptures to the effect. We fought at every stage to prove our innocence though we were treated as felons by the regime and my family and I paid and suffered dearly for our principles. I have no regrets.

We were finally acquitted when the case came for full trial before the Sessions Court and after the DPP withdrew the charges against my client and I. The Judge therefore under those circumstances correctly acquitted us as the charge was withdrawn even though at all times we were prepared to proceed with the trial.

Then, and notwithstanding the withdrawal of the said charge, the AG Chambers appealed to the High Court against our acquittal. However, the AG Chambers subsequently withdrew the said Appeal.

In the entire process from arrest, charging and imprisonment to our final acquittal, no one across the entire political divide had accused the judiciary as being bias or failed to performed their duties in accordance with the law and the Constitution.

This is why, I will never compromise on the principle that we must respect and uphold  the due process and more importantly, to have absolute faith in Allah and that ultimately justice and truth will prevail.

Hamid Sultan has by his misconduct shown the very opposite and displayed a total lack of faith in the due process for which he being a Judge of the Court of Appeal ought to know better and have the faith that truth and justice will always prevail under the grace of Allah.