Trump-Clinton War Spreads To Europe. America Deep State Operatives In Big Trouble

Trump-Clinton War Spreads To Europe.  America Deep State Operatives In Big Trouble

By Sorcha Faal

An interesting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that Western sanctions now see the Russian trade surplus poised to smash pre-sanction records and has Russia, also, now ready to overtake Germany as the world’s fifth largest economy, states that these astounding economic achievements are wholly due to the continuing Trump-Clinton war over the 2016 US Presidential Election—a new front of which has just opened in a major, first-of-its-kind move, that has the European Union setting up European-wide prosecutor’s office to begin attacking US corporations in response to President Trump threatening to impose new EU tariffs—all of which are occurring as America continues its slide toward the “abyss of lunacy” [луна безумная безумие] as evidenced by Trump being locked in a death struggle with Hillary Clinton’s Democrat Party over a wall to keep illegal migrants from flooding into the US—while at the exact same time, globalist migrant heroine German Chancellor Angela Merkel is offering to pay one-year’s living expenses to all the refugees who leave Europe.

According to this report, when the history is written of these early years of the 21st Century, historians will note that greatest catastrophe to have struck the West occurred in 2015 when Chancellor Merkel began her European open border policies—a policy she had to abandon last year after her own nation rebelled against her—and whose consequence of has destroyed the globalists’ hopes of a borderless world society as building walls to protect ones nation makes President Trump the rule, not the exception among world leaders.

With all of Western Europe now burning due to this self-made migrant crisis Merkel imposed on them as the 23-26 May 2019 elections for the European Parliament rapidly approach, this report continues, the entire European Union is now coming apart at the seams—with France now having to deploy armed police forces as President Macron fast loses control of his nation—and that, also, now sees Italy building around itself an anti-EU axis, too.

During the 2016 US Presidential Election, this report details, Hillary Clinton was exposed as wanting an open borders policy like Merkel’s for the United States, while Donald Trump made sure everyone knew he would protect his nation’s borders from illegal migrants, even to his promising to build a wall to protect the US-Mexican border—and whose outcome of saw the American people choosing Trump’s closed borders policies, as opposed to Clinton’s open border one.

Where in past US history an election by the American people would have settled this issue by their voting to make President Trump their nation’s leader, however, this report notes, Clinton refused to accept the result of this election—with it later being revealed in a London courtroom by under oath testimony by former British spy Christopher Steele that he had been paid millions-of-dollars by Clinton to concoct what is now known as the Trump-Russia Dossier so she could use it contest her election loss.

While watching the European Union destroy itself over these past two-years due to Merkel’s catastrophic open borders policy, though, this report further details, Clinton’s refusal to accept her election loss to President Trump saw her being joined in an effort to destroy him by her Democrat Party, the American shadow government “Deep State”, and America’s mainstream propaganda leftist media establishment—all of whom adopted her open borders policies—and whose destructive device they’ve been using is the made up Clinton bought and paid for Trump-Russia Dossier—but about which the top US Justice Department civilian employee, Bruce Ohr warned his leadership, and everyone else in the Obama Regime and FBI, that it was paid for by Clinton and couldn’t be believed.

Not only did the Obama Regime, US Justice Department and FBI fail to heed this warning that the Trump-Russia Dossier was a fake opposition research screed paid for by Clinton, this report continues, these malign forces seeking to destroy President Trump actually went to work for Special Counsel Robert Muller pretending that is was true—that, in turn, created a “garbage in-garbage out” infection (incorrect or poor quality input will always produce faulty output) that has paralyzed the American government—and among whose lunatic outputs this past week alone include:

Democrat Party US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse declaring that the US Congress was moving to impeach President Trump, but his saying “based on what I don’t know”.

Democrat Party Coalition Chairman Jon Cooper spreading a homophobic conspiracy theory about Republican Party US Senator Lindsey Graham being blackmailed by Russia for his sexuality.

CNN devoting hours of coverage after their “shock discovery” that the wife of Vice President Mike Pence is a Christian woman.

Democrat Party US Congressman Ed Case being so in fear that someone would mistake him for being a white man supporting President Trump, declaring that he was “an Asian trapped in a white body”.

Democrat Party operatives flooding Washington D.C. with a fake Washington Post newspaper whose headline said President Trump had fled the White House for Crimea.

As these open border lunatics allied with Hillary Clinton continue their insane rampage across America, this report concludes, the only person in power operating with a sane mind is President Trump—and whose now loyal US Justice Department and FBI officials have rid themselves of and placed under criminal investigation former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former Deputy US Attorney General Sally Yates, former FBI Counterintelligence Chief Peter Strzok, former FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker, former FBI Legal Counsel Lisa Page, former US Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, former US Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord, former FBI Assistant for Public Affairs Michael Kortan, former US Attorney Preet Bhara, former Chief of the US Justice Department’s National Security and Counterintelligence Division David Laufman, and former FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki—who combined represent the largest purge of criminally corrupt top FBI and US Justice Department officials in American history—but that, and sadly, the Clinton-aligned mainstream propaganda media still will not inform the American people about.