President Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech At MASSIVE Steel Workers Rally in Granite City, Illinois

President Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech at MASSIVE Steel Workers Rally in Granite City, Illinois

FF Editorial:  All Malaysians, especially our leaders must listen and watch the speech of Prsident Trump to the American steel workers.

If malaysian and Malaysian leaders adopt an infantile and myopic stance towards USA and President Trump on issues relating to trade and global issues, they will be making a grave mistake. Focusing too much on China and Japan is a strategic mistake. We do not have to antagonise any country with whom we are trading and NEITHER SHOULD WE GROVEL TO ANY COUNTRY.

“Look East” was a good policy to help Malaysia get out of the downtrodden third world mentality, and the subservience to the West, when led by moronic Presidents of the USA and leaders of Europe especially those from the UK.

Today in the complex world of the “changing of the guards” of what was once referred to as the New World Order and Globalisation, new dynamics never ever imagined have emerged and led by the unexpected emergence in USA of the presidency of Donald Trump. Make no mistake, there will be DRAMATIC CHANGES and the issue is not one of replacing a Unipolar world with a Multi-Polar World, but rather an unprecedented overhaul of the global financial system, of which trade is only one aspect. More importantly, a regime of currencies that will drive trade and development to new heights. The old order is frightened because they want to preserve their vested interests and detest change.  Just wait for 2020 when the NEW AND UNFORESEEN spring surprises all round. Those countries who have misread the signs will be left standing (and Malaysia could be one of them) while others, on turbo-charge mode adopting and excelling in the new way of doing global business WILL BLAST AHEAD. Malaysia is forewarded!