Malaysia Clueless! What Everyone Need To Know About Putin, Trump and False Muslim Obama

What Everyone Need To Know About Putin, Trump and False Muslim Obama

FF Editorial: Prime Minister of Malaysia is going to China in August, 2018 as indicated, to  inter-alia, resolve some urgent matters relating to the largest kleptocracy investigation in the world – the rape and plunder of Malaysia by the 1MDB criminal cabal headed by the former prime minister and scumbag Najib Razak. This is of course an urgent issue that needed to be addressed as China was heavily involved in supporting the criminal moneylaunderer Najib and his regime.

I believe that beyond the above issues, the policy-makers and the new foreign minister of the present government of Malaysia is totally clueless as to the geopolitical conseqences of the Helsinski Summit between Putin and Trump and the Singapore Summit between Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

Added to this mxied of earth shaking dynamics is the position of China in the overall scheme of things – the ushering in of the new geopolitical dynamics and fractures that would inevitably follow from the new alignment in geopolitics. This would leave serial war criminal Britain way behind, brooding with the likes of Obama and Clinton of witnessing their New World Order dreams smashed to smithereens! We hope that PM Tun Mahathir Mohamad will use the opportunity of the visit to China to get up to speed on the latest global developments as evident in the Video Interview below of Dr. Steve Piecznick by InfoWars.