Dear Malaysian Patriots,

We have uploaded more damning evidence of criminality by Jho Low in the scandalous 1MDB money laundering case. The evidence is derived directly from the Singapore Court proceedings as well as news reports which have not been contradicted.  The dastardly Aru Kanda, CEO of 1MDB stated that 1MDB never paid any monies to Jho Low.  This is a clever diversion. THERE IS NO NEED TO PAY JHO LOW ANY SALARY BECAUSE 1MDB CANNOT AND COULD NOT AFFORD TO PAY THE US$BILLIONS TO JHO LOW BECAUSE OF THE SIMPLE FACT, THAT JHO LOW ALREADY RAPED AND DIVERTED 1MDB’S MONIES (IN THE US$ BILLIONS) TO HIS BANKING ACCOUNTS AND SHELL COMPANIES LOCATED IN SEVERAL TAX HAVENS SUCH AS THE CAYMAN ISLANDS AND THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS.

Make sure Pakatan Harapan wins the election. Then and then only can we lock up the criminals involved in this, the largest Kleptocracy Case in the world and we must not allow Aru Kanda to get away with his lies and cover-ups.

Fellow Malaysians must work their butts out to secure victory – but not just a simple victory, but an overwhelming victory.

Please download and spread far and wide the below PDF documentary evidence.

Download PDF    –    Statement of Facts Against Banker Jen Fred Sturzenegger

Download PDF    –    Singapore Court Decision Against Yeo Jiawei

Download PDF    –    Statement of Facts Against Yak Yew Chee

Download PDF    –    Singapore Court Sentences BSI Banker Yeo Jiawei

Download PDF    –    Ex-Banker Yeo Jiawei Told Lies

Download PDF    –    1MDB Related Court Proceedings Regarding Yeo Jiawei