Russians Bragged About 10 Spies Assigned to Clinton; Mueller, McCabe, And Rosenstein Helped Cover It Up

Russians Bragged About 10 Spies Assigned to Clinton; Mueller, McCabe, And Rosenstein Helped Cover It Up

By The New American

The Uranium One scandal is the gift that keeps on giving: Each new revelation continues to show more and more just how deep the rabbit hole of Clinton corruption goes. An FBI informant has informed several congressional committees that during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state and leading up to her approval of the deal that handed over control of at least 20 per cent of U.S. uranium reserves to Russia, Moscow assigned 10 spies in the United States to cozy up to Clinton to guarantee the deal. And when it came to the attention of the FBI, Clinton had some big names help keep it under wraps.

Coming in the midst of the Battle of the Memos — with the House Intelligence Committee releasing both a Republican memo detailing FISA abuses by the DOJ and FBI as part of those agencies’ spying on the Trump campaign and a Democratic memo attempting to dispute those claims — this revelation shines a new light on the question of just who was “Putin’s puppet.” Clinton claimed during her failed presidential campaign that Trump was beholden to Moscow and she received the gleeful help of the liberal mainstream media and the intelligence establishment in spreading that claim. It now seems clear — because of both the lack of anything resembling evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and the fact that the Russian spies assigned to Hillarly Clinton appear to have succeeded in their task — that it was Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump who was beholden to Moscow.

FBI informant William Campbell provided a statement to the congressional committees investigating UraniumGate that Russian nuclear executives “bragged that the Clintons’ influence in the Obama Administration would ensure CIFUS [Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States] approval for [the] Uranium One deal,” according to both his lawyer and the written statement, which was obtained by The Hill. Campbell’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing, agrees with her client’s statement.

As secretary of state, Clinton sat on CIFUS and was heavily involved in approving the Urainum One deal. During that time, the Clinton Foundation profited immensely in the form of “pay-for-play” donations, many of them from those who stood to profit from the deal being approved.

In a case that resembles rats abandoning a sinking ship, long-time Clinton advisor and confidant Dick Morris admitted in a recent opinion piece he wrote for The Western Journal that in the build-up to the deal’s approval by CIFUS “nine investors in Uranium One gave the Clinton Foundation a combined total of $145 million.” Morris also wrote:

In the years before it came up for CIFUS approval, Russia deployed 10 spies in the United States with a single mission: To get close to Hillary Clinton to get her to approve the Uranium One deal.

Fortunately, the FBI uncovered the nest of spies one year before the deal came up for approval. (The Bureau acted to arrest the spies when it did because one of them had risen to a high position in a company owned by Hillary’s finance chairman.)

Then, to seal the deal, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin arranged for former president Bill Clinton to address the Renaissance Bank in Moscow, an institution closely connected to the Kremlin.

The New American has reported on the corruption, profiteering, and incestuous relationship between the Clinton State Department and Clinton Foundation in previous articles. Now, even a Clinton insider admits to Clinton’s actions in swelling the coffers of the Clinton Foundation while transferring at least 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russia in a deal so crooked it would require a Clinton to pull it off. And Clinton, who is more than a little responsible for spawning investigations into Trump’s alleged dealings with Russia with her “Putin’s puppet” remarks during the campaign, now finds herself being outed by a former die-hard supporter. The opinion piece of Morris stops short of making the connection, but it is obvious: Hillary Clinton was “Putin’s puppet” and the American people should thank God that she is not behind the desk in the Oval Office where she would be in a better position to do Russia’s bidding.

If all of that weren’t bad enough, it’s like the cheesy late-night infomercial announcer says: Wait, there’s more.

Clinton was not alone in selling out America in the Uranium One deal that strengthened Russia while weakening the United States. Morris writes that the “nest of spies” uncovered by the FBI were protected in an effort to protect the deal and make sure the American people were in the dark about what was going on:

To try to keep word of the Uranium One deal under wraps and to bury the story about the Russian spies, FBI Director Robert Mueller arranged for the suspects to take plea bargains admitting to minor offenses and then spirited them out of the country quickly — in a prisoner exchange with Russia — before the media could interrogate them. The spies were arrested during the Labour Day weekend and sentenced over Christmas to minimize media coverage.

And Mueller was helped in his cover-up by none other than Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe, who were the two attorneys who oversaw the investigation into the Uranium One deal and would certainly have been aware of both the spy ring and the corruption that was part and parcel of the deal’s approval by Clinton and others.

McCabe resigned just as his dealings in this and the FISA abuses detailed in the Republican House Intelligence Committee memo were coming to light. Rosenstein still holds his office, but considering this information, one can only wonder how long that will last.

So, as more information comes to light, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the people involved in claiming (and then trying to manufacture “proof” through illegal spying on American citizens) that the Trump campaign was guilty of collusion with Russia, are themselves guilty of that very collusion.

Toward the end of his opinion piece, Morris writes, “Rosenstein and McCabe need to be investigated to determine if their handling of the Uranium One case was designed to shield Hillary.” No doubt, but Clinton and Mueller need to occupy prominent places on that same list.