Total Defeat: Dr. Pieczenik: Trump Has Officially Destroyed the Deep State – Operation HAL Part 1 -3

This is absolutely explosive!!!!!  Watch this video which consist of Three Parts.

At the end of each part, after a young lady explains how to learn and master “infowars” against the Deep State, Part 2 will continue and at the end of Part 2, Part 3 would follow.

Discover and learn how the Bill Clinton, GW Bush, Fake Muslim Obama and  Killary Clinton with their filthy criminal organisation was over thrown and how Donald Trump became the President of the USA.

For Malaysia, Najib will likewise be finished by the strength and cohesiveness of the people, sick and fed up with the filthy and Najib criminal regime. Be assured that in all government controlled institutions, there are thousands  of good patriots as well as thousands (but getting smaller and smaller as they realised their days are numbered) of traitors. Patriots will win on or before 30th June 2018!                for Part 1         for Part 2         for Part 3