The White House Is Back To Telling Jews That Time Started With Jesus

The White House Is Back To Telling Jews That Time Started With Jesus

By The Jewish Daily Forward

[Read the below article, then consider the editorial comments following the article. Think carefully, without emotions and ask yourself why President Trump did what he did in recognising Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. If you have not heard and or read the entire transcript of the speech, then you are an idiot and a useless commentator, political or otherwise. It also mean that you are not a serious thinker or a strategist. Many Muslims in the Middle East are the biggest hypocrites, including the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak. What has he done for the Palestinians and for that matter, the absolute Monarchs in the region as well as other “Royals” in other parts of the world? What have they done to bring lasting peace to the Palestinians???? Absolutely nothing for over 69 years since the founding of Israel! All these years, Palestine and the heroic Palestinians were and continue to be used as a convenient “football” to serve the internal politics of Muslim nations and as a diversion from their internal crisis. And as long as there is a conflict between Israel and Palestine, these treacherous Muslims leaders and nations would use the crisis to shore up their fake Islamic credentials and brainwash their people that they should unite against the Zionists and put all local, internal issues on the back burner so as to prolong and perpetuate their filthy despotic regimes! This pantomime of treachery is now exposed and we will be able to judge who are the traitors and who are genuine in support of the Palestinians!]

Jewish article begins below.

In the all-consuming debate surrounding President Trump’s Jerusalem statement, little attention was paid to the formal date on the proclamation signed by Trump.

The end of the document stated that it was signed on “this sixth day of December in the year of our Lord two thousand seventeen.” This is the formal language used by the U.S. government for presidential proclamations, referring to the years passed since the birth of Jesus Christ (and the beginning of the Gregorian calendar).

Former U.S. ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro may be the only one who paid any attention to this formulation. In fact, as he explained on Twitter, when Shapiro served in the Obama administration, he “worked hard (with mixed success) to get that standard formulation out of White House proclamations aimed at the Jewish community.”

Shapiro’s hard work may have made a change in the previous administration. But under Trump, the “year of our Lord” is back, even when signing a document recognizing the capital of the Jewish state.

Editorial Comment By Ugly Truth

It may sound like a whole helluva lot of nothing, but there is actually more to it than most would realize –

1.           The visceral hatred which Jews entertain for Jesus and all things Christian. The document was signed in a (for the most part) Christian country and whose president–at least nominally–is a Christian. When the Jewish state signs its official documents, it does so using the Hebraic calendar and no one DARES complain about that. 

Also note–‘year of our Lord’ is the English translation of the Latin ‘Anno Domini’, or ‘A.D.’, which probably also explains quite a bit about the Judaic reaction against it, given the events of 70 AD by the Romans.


2. Trump–if indeed he is out to placate the Jews in all manners possible–could have omitted that phrase, and all can rest assured that the professionals working within his diplomatic community understood in an instant the significance of including ‘AD’ and how it would be read by Judea Inc, so the question that needs to be asked and answered is–why did he do it?

Additional Editorial Comment

As to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it’s a big deal and it’s not. It’s a big deal to the neocon’s, those lying bastards of Jews that got us into all these flippin’ wars for Israel’s sake and not America’s interests. They represent only about 20% of Jewry in America but are very active and influential in applied Jewish power. Almost worse than this 20% of Jewry are the 50-60 million moronic “christian-zionists” here in America who just LUUUUV Israel and want us to pray for Israel and the Jewish people. They are having a spiritual orgasm over this business.

Most of the more refined Jews see this as a bad thing as it will focus the world’s attention on Palestine and the plight of the people there under Jewish occupation.  Hell, even some of the ultra-Orthodox Jews woke up and really don’t want it now–bad timing dont-cha-know. 🙂  Click to go to the Link to read more!

Trump called the Jews on their bullsh**. 

For decades the Jews have been whining that they deserve Jerusalem as their capital, world headquarters, etc. etc. etc. as they are g-ds chosen knuckleheads, right? And they always demanded that concession as sort of a prerequisite before peace talks could occur. Since no one, no president since Harry Truman when Israel was established, would dare recognize that stolen land as belonging to the Jews, it was a safe topic for the Jews to piss and moan about and which further allowed them to not come to the table and in essence delay into perpetuity any serious peace talks of any substance with the Palestinians.

Trump just took that away from them. He publicly kissed the Jews’ asses and told them how much he loved Israel, campaigned on this “Jerusalem-recognition” promise to work up the spiritual emotions of the evangelical crowd, put his “Jewish son-in-law” to work on it, hob-snobled with Bibi along the way and now he publicly kept a campaign promise. Well, yes and no. 

Chuck Schumer isn’t happy because he wanted Trump to acknowledge Jerusalem as the “undivided capital ” of Israel and what Trump said was clearly a statement of Jerusalem being shared by the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims. Yes, Jerusalem will be where the American embassy will be–maybe someday– but it must be shared with others.  By sheer will, force of personality, double speak that only Trump can pull off, he actually gave the Jews that which they have been kvetching about for years and now they’ll be forced to come to the negotiating table or be proven to the world as complete hypocrites even through their JMSM.

I don’t know what “deal” S-I-L Kushner and Ambassador David Friedman are going to come up with but the only thing I can see happening that might work to get the Jews to acquiesce in an agreement with the Palestinians is if the United States “guarantees the safety of the Jews” and the only way they can do that is to put an American air base in Israel and Palestine. 

The real purpose of such a base is to be able to keep a closer eye on the Jews and their treachery but it will be sold to the world as protecting the Jews from those “dangerous Muslims” in Palestine. The military-industrial-security complex will love this because it means contracts to build this base/s and both Israel and the Palestinians will get a benefit from it economically since the base will bring civilian jobs and money into the respective local economies of both.

It also forces Israel to once and for all DEFINE it’s borders–which it has never actually done–and by so doing take away their 2000 year old geo-political revenge porn fantasy of having the descendants of the Roman Empire–America–restore it to power in the Mideast after the Roman Empire destroyed it back in 70AD for the same reason we are having to deal with these bastards today, because Organized Jewish Interests behave badly, they constantly war with their neighbours, they engage in geo-political mendacities, fraud, moral degeneracy and eventually the Gentile world realizes they have to do something about it. 

Only it’s worse than it was 2000 years ago. These assholes have nuclear weapons and have indicated their willingness to use them as many of their “intellectuals” have mentioned their so-called Samson Option in that if they are going down, they will take the world with them.

Yes, they are that crazy.  That’s why they need to be contained, neutered or destroyed. But if one believes in the status quo and that this can continue, you are signing your own, as well as your grand kids, death warrant. I can see this as plainly as the fact that 2+2 = 4. Why others can’t is beyond me. I suspect they don’t want to see this because of some religious upbringing they had, some political beliefs they have or perhaps, on a personal basis, they actually like some of the degeneracy of Jewish Interests.

Another reason for Trump to put military bases in Palestine/Israel is because that will guarantee an American “sphere of influence” in the Region, absent of which would allow Russia and Iran to take that geo-political role over and frankly, probably do a better job than what the Jewish-influenced United States has done the last 60 years.