Unmasking The Unmaskers – Exposing The Treason Of Obama and Hillary Clinton

Unmasking The Unmaskers – Exposing The Treason Of Obama and Hillary Clinton

By Jon Christian Ryter

In the wee hours of Nov.9, 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was dumbfounded when the unbelievable happened, and the safe “blue-wall” collapsed in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and instead of the blue bulwark protecting the Democrats (which it had since 1992), a majority of the voters in those States cast their electoral votes for billionaire Donald Trump, upsetting the wholly expected electoral win for Clinton, and giving the newly elected 45th President of the United States 306 votes to Hillary‘s 232.

The book, ”Shattered: Inside Hillary’s Doomed Campaign,” written by Jonathan Allen and Annie Parnes, and released on April 18, 2017, noted that Hillary had to eat “humble pie” twice on Election night. First, it claimed, Hillary had to call Trump and concede the election. And then, she had to call Barack Obama and apologize for her bruising loss. It was her election to win or lose, after all. Or, was it? If it wasn’t, why did she have to call Obama and apologize? Was Hillary part of Barack Obama’s Deep State? Because he appeared to be giving her marching orders. Before she dialled anyone, Obama called her as the devastating vote fiasco unfolded, and the election slipped out of Hillary‘s grasp before Obama‘s very eyes. The Obama legacy was about to die at the hands of his successor, because of Clinton, almost before Obama could complete constructing his Deep State by using the institutionalized media and thousands of Soros-funded left-wing protestors to permanently tarnish the newly just-elected president, Donald Trump?

Obama told Hillary she needed to call Trump and concede the election before she did anything else because, pretty quickly, everyone except Trump would be petitioning for recounts. Hillary stubbornly refused, telling Obama there was still a chance she could win the States Dr. Jill Stein was petitioning, or contemplating recounts and flip the election.

It was 2 a.m. on the morning of Nov. 9 when John Podesta told campaign workers at the Javitz Center in New York to go home and get some sleep because the election was still too close to call. Of course, Podesta knew the election was over—except for the crying and the Left’s attempt to steal what they had constitutionally lost. But, at 2 a.m. Hillary was not prepared to throw in the towel. She conceded only because Obama ordered her to do so. Why would he do that? And, even more, why would she? Around 2:30 a.m. Trump had the race all but locked up.

About that time Obama began demanding that Hillary call Trump and officially concede. He called her several times. Her concession would have ended any possibility of a national recount, leaving only that small handful of States that Dr. Jill Stein planned to contest, hoping, one would guess, to raise her vote count to at least 5% of the total national vote total so she would qualify for “matching funds.”

So, why did Obama make several phone calls to Hillary before she finally called Trump and conceded—and then called Obama back and apologized to him for losing? In a review of the Parnes and Allen book, “Shattered: Inside Hillary’s Doomed Campaign,” the writer of that piece claimed the call to Obama followed Hillary‘s concession to Trump since that chronology makes sense. But it apparently was wrong. According to the Washington Post, Clinton called Obama first, apologizing to him for losing; with Obama telling her to call Trump. It was only after Obama told her to do it that Clinton conceded to Trump.

Why was that so important to Obama? Logic suggests when Obama organized his Deep State “soft coup” to overthrow a newly-elected President (whether Trump or Clinton). He needed the American people to believe it was constituted by a malcontent populace and not the disgruntled left-wing political losers in what was already shaping up as a post-presidency attempt to frame and fire the new President (using Section 4 of the 25th Amendment).

When the inauguration of Donald Trump concluded on Jan. 20, 2017 the protests were already gearing up in Washington, DC and around Trump Towers in New York. From his Deep State bunker at 2446 Belmont Road NW in Washington, DC Obama launched the assault on liberty when he told the media that that he was “…heartened by the anti-Trump protests…” spreading across the nation—an army of radical agitators financed with weekly paychecks and even paid vacations in part by George Soros and groups like ANSWER (Act Now and Stop War and Racism), {Occupy,” “Black Lives Matter, and WashingtonCAN—and does. They are Washington State’s largest communist political action organization. They are so flush, they offer their grassroots non-profit “employees” medical, dental, and vision-care insurance, 401[k] pension, paid vacation, paid sick days, paid holidays, and paid leaves of absence. Average pay is $15-20 an hour.

Most of the unaffiliated dissidents who join the protests only to protest their own misery, not realizing that those who paid them to join the “spontaneous” protests staged them. But, it’s those protestors, the beaten down underclass of America, who actually give the protests the appearance of spontaneity, and make criminality appear to be protected free speech.

But, for a moment, let’s stay with the disillusioned voter protestors who are mostly paid anarchists. Their core objective is to overthrow the Constitution of the United States, and with it, the American form of government. Let’s make no bones about it. Should these anarchists who are taking their marching orders from the likes of the Clintons, the Obamas and the superrich who are determined to keep the impoverished working class shackled to the “change” Obama gave them—unemployment, healthcare they can’t afford and illegal fiat laws penned by Executive Orders that fit like a noose on a gallows which, by extension, makes all of them enemies of the United States of America. Far too many of them are illegals. The early protest groups like “Occupy,” “We Are One,” and “We Are 99%” movements were projects of the Communist Party USA.

Very likely the big money these groups received, and the financing of “Black Lives Matter” came from socialist billionaires like George Soros who can’t afford Donald Trump‘s tinkering with the American economy. One of the latest beneficiaries of Soros largess is a group called “ANSWER” (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) which appears to be an offshoot of the Vietnam Era ACT-Up).

ANSWER, by the way was hired and pledged to disrupt the Trump-Pence Inauguration. The Secret Service and the Capital Police prevented that, but protests by ANSWER did take place in other parts of DC during and after the ceremony.

Several conservative media outlets reported as early as late September that radical groups on behalf of ANSWER, were running ads on Craigslist websites around the country offering up to $1,500 per week for protestors to destabilize the country when Obama left office. One Craigslist ad in Philadelphia read:

“STOP Trump—up to $1,500/week. Compensation: $15-$18 per hr. Hiring immediately. Call Today. Start tomorrow. $15 – $18 hourly rate + bonus + overtime! Up to 77 hours per week. Drivers earn gas reimbursement. Morning and evening shifts. No previous experience required…Full time and part time positions. Weekend positions available. No fund-raising! No commission! Call 267-555-5**7.” (The disguised phone number here appeared as usable phone numbers in many of the Craigslist ads.)

Washington State’s largest communist political action organization, WashingtonCAN, offered their grassroots non-profit “employees” medical, dental, and vision-care insurance, 401[k] pension, paid vacation, paid sick days, paid holidays, and leaves of absence. Staff wages average pay is $15-20 an hour.

Most of the unaffiliated dissidents who join the protests (which are made to look spontaneous), do so only to protest their own jobless lives, not realizing that those triggering the “spontaneous” protests staged them. But, it is those protestors, the beaten down citizens of America, who actually gave the protests the appearance of spontaneity, and made criminal acts appear to be protected free speech…which it was not.

During his acceptance speech in 2015 as the National Chairman of the Communist Party of America, John Bachtell praised the Democratic Party, boasting that the Marxist organization (a mechanism of the Soviets during the Cold War), has been utilizing the increasingly radical Democratic Party to advance the Communist Party’s totalitarian objectives in the United States.

The Communist Party USA joined the Obama-Clinton attempt to overthrow the Trump Administration and create a new America—beginning with a new constitution (which you can bet will look more like the UN Declaration on Human Rights than the Constitution of the United States of America. Early on, the National Chairman of the Communist Party USAJohn Bachtell told American communists that instead of putting up a candidate in 2016 the Communist Party USA would fight from within the Democratic Party, announcing that “…today, the Democratic Party is our home.” In the collective communist mind, Bachtell reminded his socialist audience “…the Democratic Party is the home to African Americans, Latinos. other communities of color, women, union members and young people—and various democratic movements…This necessarily means working with the Democratic Party.” Bachtell explained that some on the Left underestimate the danger“…from the Right. Second, our objective is not to build the Democratic Party…We are about building the broad People’s Movement led by Labor that utilizes the Democratic Party to advance it’s agenda.” 

If you took the time to think about why the Democratic Party today doesn’t remotely resemble the Democratic Party of bygone years, now you know the reason.

Now think about one more thing. If Russia was colluding with someone to control the outcome of the 2016 Election, who would they most likely be helping—Donald Trump or Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? (Which is logically why Obama kept insisting—throughout the 2016 Campaign—that Russia wasn’t meddling with the election. And, once again, now you know the reason.

Protests and rioting, instigated by the radical social progressive left with protestors recruited by Obama and Clinton radicals months before the 2016 election and financed largely by George Soros and, in part by Obama minions through a 501(c)4, Obama for America. By the election in 2016, OFA claimed to have 250 chapters (which it likely did have since Obama now fields a small army of some 32,500 agitators willing to wage a “soft war” on conservative America. For what end?

(Editor’s Note: There is a serious legal problem and constitutional issue with Robert Mueller being retained as Special Prosecutor over an investigation of any theoretical Russian hacking of the Election of 2016, or being allowed to piggyback it into an investigation of anything else the Left wants since the initial investigation launched by FBI Director Comey some months ago was not to exploit the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Secretary Clinton and other high ranking members of the Obama Administration who, suddenly were being exposed by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, but to deflect crimes and political wrongdoing committed by Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, James Clapper, John Brennen, and others by blaming the Trump Campaign for the Assange leaks which were theoretically made by Russia. Why? Because Hillary‘s sins were coming home to roost—and the Left needed to protect Hillary from being disastrously stained by a lifetime of political crimes and wrongdoing that were finally coming home to roost.

What started out as conspiracy theory shadow government talk during the Clinton Administration morphed into Barack Obama‘s very real Deep State rhetoric in 2014 when Obama who, while still theoretically residing in the lavish residence within the big white building at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, leased an 8,200 square foot villa in the Kalorama District perched just above Rock Creek Park at 2446 Belmont Road NW in northwest Washington, DC.

Few people knew Obama had purchased the home from former Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart in 2014 (which was reported in the media as a home Obama was leasing because his second term wouldn’t be over for two years and a month, and he was theoretically afraid the estate would be scoffed up long before he left office). Court records reveal that Lockhart paid $2,950,000 for the mansion in 2006.

(Makes you wonder how Lockhart could afford such a pricey house on a government income of $172,200 per year working for Clinton until the end of 2000.) At that time he joined Carter Eskew and Michael Feldman (Al Gore‘s chief of staff), and became the managing director of an opinion research company, Glover Park Group.

Lockhart tried to sell the home in September 2012 for an asking price of $3.4 million. He pulled the house off the market in December—but put it back on the market in the spring of 2014—selling it for $3.1 million on May 19, 2014.

The buyer? Although Barack Obama appears to be the owner, I expect the buyer of record was likely not him since the media portrayed him not as the buyer of the property, but as a tenet. Perhaps George Soros or some other wealthy liberal ghost buyer concealed Obama‘s name for some reason. On May 27, 2016 CBS reported that when the Obamas left the White House on Jan. 20, 2017, they would be moving into an 8,200 square foot rental some 2 miles from the White House. The left-wing media, as a whole, chimed-in that Obama would be the first retiring occupant of the White House to remain in the DC area.

The reason for that is Obama was the first retiring national CEO who chose not to return to his “home state” when he left office. There are two reasons for that. First, Obama is the first person to serve in the capacity of “national leader” who has no real legitimate claim to the office, nor to a birth right State to retire from office in, since Obama can only claim birth right status to Kenya (where he was actually born) and Indonesia (where he was legally adopted by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro). He has no “birth State” in this country to claim as his own—thus no “birth State” (only the adopted State of Illinois) to return to when he retired. In other words, not only is Obama not a “natural citizen” of the United States from Hawaii (where his birth certificate was fabricated), nor is he a citizen of this country in any way, shape or form.

And second, based on his plans, and the plans of George Soros and the Money Mafia which financed his transformation from Manchurian Candidate to head of state, Obama needed to be near, or in, Washington once he was forced to surrender control of the reins of government. Why? Because the secondary tiers of the intelligence community which were hired by Obama‘s team leaders are still reporting to him through the Deep State which is now headquartered approximately two miles from the White House.

If Obama had returned to Chicago, Honolulu, or Mombasa, Kenya or Jakarta, Indonesia he would have completely lost the ability to control the moles who were left behind—not only in the management sub-layers within the intelligence community, but throughout the entire bureaucracy because future contact by current federal workers with key Obama ties would have waved some serious red flags—which would have told Trump or his key managers that someone other than the constitutionally-elected president was still running the bureaucracy—which they are. And, until Trump‘s department heads get rid of the garbage left behind on January 20, 2017, the swamp Trump promised to drain will have seeped into the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where many of the senior staffers have offices.

Those who should have easily been unmasked within 90 days of Trump‘s ascension to power was a whole layer of management—between 250 and 500 people—who initially required the advise and consent of the US Senate (which meant, technically, while they were serving on Trump‘s dime, most of those hired by Obama were still running their sub-department management positions and appeared, in some instances, to still be taking their marching orders from Obama although he no longer controls the government. Camouflaging the lower tier advise and consent positions is Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer [D-NY] who kept the media focused on a handful of first tier, key advise and consent appointments while deflecting the media from questioning why none, or only a few handfuls of the advise and consent mid-level “meat and potatoes managers” were being confirmed by the Senate.

Why were Obama’s people left in “bread and butter” management positions where they controlled departmental workloads in a post-Obama government? They were allowed to become nesters” in jobs which were no longer theirs by agreeing to be carrier pigeons for Obama when the “unmasking” of collateral conversations were authorized by outgoing Obama to then Attorney General Loretta Lynch who, acting as the protector-in-chief of Hillary Clinton‘s deepest criminal secrets, passed the unmasking of conversations from Trump people to one another to Obama‘s national security adviser Susan Rice, who assigned the unmasking to the intel heads where the leaks which appeared to incriminate Trump Campaign people were doled out to officials at the National Security Council, the Defense Department, to James Clapper, the head of National Intelligence Agency and John Brennen, director of the CIA.

What was distributed to the intel heads, according to former US Attorney Joseph diGenova, were highly detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls from Trump Campaign associates detailing perfectly legal conversations which might be used to embarrass those recorded, but involved no illegality by anyone in the Trump circle, nor from anyone they were talking with. The only illegality, diGenova observed, was the unmasking of the US citizens engaged in conversations which should never have been harvested. In some cases, Rice ordered the names of Trump officials unmasked where there was no legitimate reason for the unmasking because the Trump people were merely mentioned, but were not part of any dialogue. The only reason Rice had for unmasking the names were political curiosity and the hope that the media, scrambling for headlines, would simply tie the Trump official to whomever mentioned their name..

On May 17, 2017 FISA court judge Rosemary Collyer published a 99-page opinion finding the Obama Administration guilty of deliberately spying on the American people and violating their constitutional rights. Obama and his Intel minions specifically violated Section 702 of 50 USC § 1881[a]. Violating Section 702 breached the 4th Amendment with Collyer noting the Obama Intel community, and those who unmasked the names displayed an institutional lack of candour by creating a very serious 4th Amendment breach. In plain language that even a Democrat should be able to understand, Collyer noted that the Obama Administration had violated federal law. Collyer also criticized Comey and the FBI for distributing raw FISA data to a wide array of people associated with the agency (including private contractors who had absolutely no “need to know”).

Clearly Obama went rogue long before we realized just how much power he wielded with his cell phone and a pen. It was not until Donald Trump ascended on Washington and began declassifying Obama Executive Orders and a bevy of FISA documents that we began to realize from those Executive Orders how the intelligence agencies under his control allowed Obama to violate the rights of the US citizens and conceal those violations of law to prevent the aggregious rights he assumed from becoming public.

When Trump was campaigning, his phrase “clean the swamp” was just rhetoric. Obama never thought Trump would actually attempt to do it because, well…campaign promises were never meant to be kept. That’s merely the platform that gives you a step up on your opponent. The voters don’t really expect you to try to keep those promises—particularly the one about cleaning the swamp because scores of millionaires and billionaires paid trillions of dollars to create it. Getting rid of it is the last thing they want. And those millionaires and billionaires expect the best, and most obedient, government they can afford.

It’s now common knowledge that in the final days of Obama‘s reign as keeper of the government pawns—about 51 days from his transition as head-of-state to aficionado of the Deep State—did something which would inexplicably link him to Hillary Clinton‘s web of lies through the make-believe liberal world of fake news.

As the Election of 2016 season entered its third quarter, the Clintons began feeling a painful bite in the butt from the jaws of Judicial Watch as Tom Fitton began filing a flurry of new lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act. Hillary doubled down on internal secrecy over State Department snafus, and as for the leaks in Hillary‘s almost private, yet somewhat public email server, they [she had five of them] provided hackers with a portal to much more than Hillary‘s sins and Anthony Weiner‘s weiner. Fitton launched his Clinton October Surprise on Sept. 30 with the release of a video of the Clinton scandals, followed on October 18 with documents obtained by Judicial Watch under a FOIA request reminding Americans of IRS manager Lois Lerner‘s sabotaging the 501[c]3 Tea Party groups’ applications for tax exempt status by branding all conservative applicants ineligible.

If the Left can’t successfully frame President Trump with “trumped-up” charges like obstruction of justice, (suggested by former FBI Director James Comey with absolutely no evidence that any form of obstruction was ever committed by Trump or any of his staff) that is now being fanned by recently appointed Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller who now appears, very much, to be in collusion with Comey, the political left and the Obama Deep State since, by every appearance, Obama is determined not to go quietly in the night as have every other US president. The first hints that Comey was applying a double standard to his investigations came on July 22, 2016 when Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley [R-IO] directed an inquiry to Comey, in which he raised the question of why he was opting not to seek an indictment of Hillary Clinton. Comey, who thought he was above the law, ignored Grassley‘s query.

On Aug. 10, 2016 Judicial Watch, began filing a series of FOIA requests for documents, getting ten pages of State Department records that included an email from State Department spokesman Brock Johnson alerting Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, that a significant FOIA request had been made for records showing the number of email accounts used by then-Secretary of State Clinton.

On Sept. 17 the Washington Examiner reported that Hillary Clinton and her left-wing cohorts (which included Barack Obama) were dodging a bevy of questions about her private email servers—and the fact that it was rumoured (and later confirmed) that the Clinton Foundation was hot-wired into the State Department server through Hillary‘s secondary servers in her DC and New York homes (with Hillary‘s maid acting as the New York server’s caretaker), and the fact that Donald Trump was now pulling ahead of Clinton in the battleground States.

On top of that, the media was also investigating Hillary‘s health problems amid a growing consensus that Clinton was not fit for the top slot in the federal government. Add to that the rapidly escalating rumours that Russia, aided by Trump, who the media claimed had been in bed with Putin for years, was causing Clinton‘s polling problems. Fake News (which represents the fairy tale opinions of the mainstream media—TV as well as well as print—began it’s incessant chant that Trump was colluding with the Russians when, in fact, the only people who could be accused of obstruction over Russian hacking, were the Clintons. The media, which knows this, continues to report that Trump people somehow had obstructed justice by criminally concealing their knowledge and continued participation in the criminality of the Putin government.

In addition, during the House hearing on Benghazi, Secretary Clinton‘s former Director of Information Resource Management, John Bentel, who had previously evoked his 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination 87 times during the House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing, was ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to be deposed by Judicial Watch because of significant discrepancies in previous testimony about the Benghazi affair.

When this information crept into the news stream from statements made by former Obama Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia Evelyn Farkas in February and March, she did as much as she could to shift the narrative.

The left-wing Clinton and the Obama media sat on the story as long as they could. On March 2, Farkas appeared on Morning Joe on MSNBC, and said “…I had no intelligence whatsoever. I wasn’t’ in government anymore and didn’t have access to any…It was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people, get as much intelligence as you can before …Obama…leaves office. The Trump folks, if they found out how we knew what we knew about the Trump staff’s dealing with Russians that they would try to compromise those sources and methods, meaning we would no longer have access to that intelligence.”

Farkas’ admission appears to serve as a confirmation that Obama was illegally spying not only on Trump‘s staff, but those loosely associated with his campaign while the Clintons were feeding a stream of fake news to the Obama people. That data-stream was supposed to look like incidental surveillance of candidate Trump—including Trump family members, but behind the manufactured “smoke” there never was any fire.

The incidental unmasking of the names of the unmaskers by Judge Collyer, in May, was a reprimanded of the Obama Administration‘s contemptuous violations of the Section 702 of the FISA law was, as she said at the time, a very serious violation of the 4th Amendment. Collyer‘s decision criticized the NSA’s Inspector General George Ellard who was fired by Trump‘s NSA Director, Adm. Mike Rogers on the day his appointment was confirmed by Congress. On March 30, Rogers stopped several specific data collection activities which Obama implemented by Executive Order, and which the FISC reviewed and Collyer, in her decision, affirmed the procedural changes implemented by Rogers.

Collyer sharply criticized Ellard and the NSA’s Office of Compliance for their “institutional lack of candour,” noting that in addition to ignoring legal constraints “… the Obama Administration was not honest with the court about its violations of federal law.” The court also criticized the Federal Bureau of Investigation under FBI Director Comey for distributing raw FISA data to a vast array of people associated with the agency including private contractors who simply had no business receiving the data, placing Comey in legal jeopardy as well.

By March 30 that narrative changed. The NSA, under Rogers‘ control, stopped collection gathering activities on the peripheral classifications of data formerly authorized by Obama (anything on Trump that the Obama Administration or the Clinton Campaign could use to damage him)—which the FISA courts were now reviewing as either questionable or illegal under Section 702 of the FISA law.

When Julian Assange initiated his October Surprise just before the 2016 election by dumping scores of emails from Hillary Clinton‘s email server, the only surprise was that the initial dump wasn’t Hillary‘s emails, they were John Podesta’s emails. Wikileaks dropped Podesta’s email cache only a few hours after Obama accused Vladimir Putin of meddling in the US election by hacking the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Party emails in July when the collusion between the Clinton Campaign and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz became public gossip.

It seems, as Comey was fired and began leaking information on his own that sucked even more people into the pot boiling on the back burner when Judge Collyer released her opinion on Obama spying on the American people, former UN Ambassador Samantha Power, a close Obama confidant who, it is now known, also asked the NSA, the CIA and the FBI to unmask any as yet unmasked conversations with Trump Campaign or Trump Administration officials.

Congressman Devin Nunes [R-CA] who is still the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and Adam Schiff [D-CA] secured seven subpeonas, three of them, secured by Nunes were for Obama Administration officials—one for John Brennen (again), Susan Rice (again) and John Kerry. Brennen finally admitted he was the person who instigated the investigation into whether or not Trump colluded with the Russians. Rice denied she outed anyone in a PBS interview on March 22, but admitted she did in a MSNBC interview in April. Fidelity is not, nor ever was, a requisite for employment in the Obama Administration.

After testifying earlier that he had seen evidence of contacts between Trump and the Russians, Brennen finally admitted that while he never saw any evidence to suggest it, he thought it best to refer the matter to Comey and have the FBI launch an investigation. Why? Because Brennen, Obama, both of the Clintons, Brennen, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, Power, Podesta,Evelyn Farkas, Ben Rhodes, and specifically liar-in-chief Susan Rice who was among the first to insist that the ”…smoking gun of Russia’s meddling in the election…” had been found. In reality, the smoking gun has been in plain sight ever since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama surrendered over 20% of all of the uranium in the United States [Uranium One] to Vladimir Putin (Russia) for a tidy $1.3 billion. The criminality uncovered by Comey when Attorney General  Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport in July, 2016 when Bill Clinton suggested to Lynch that she refer to the investigation by the FBI of Clinton‘s email server leaks as a “matter” and not an “investigation,” the “play on words” suggested there were was no “there” there, meaning there was no investigation of the servers taking place. Remember when the Democrats thought Comey flipped the election by announcing the FBI was reopening the email server investigation? That was the reason he announced he was reopening the server investigation. He did that, because it’s likely he could have be charged with collusion had he not done it. As it is now, only former Attorney General Lynch is subject to those criminal charges. Comey‘s been in politics long enough to know how to side-step the landmines and cover his own butt.

After he was fired and, I believe post-termination, Comey reconstructed a non-existent log of conversations and contemplations of meetings with Trump—until the President warned Comey there might be recordings of those meetings that would likely contradict things Comey may have supposed in his personal “diary.” It was Trump‘s tweet about possible tape recordings which brought the special prosecutor on board because it was discovery and recovery of the Oval Office tapes in 1974 that brought about the resignation of Richard Nixon.

FBI Director Comey believed that when Trump warned him about the possibility of their conversations being video-taped, and that the Comey-Trump conversations, wherever taped, did exist. Which is likely why a flood of re=invented Comey conversations didn’t turn up in the pages of the New York Times—until, that is, the President admitted there were no recordings and that he used the ruse to keep Comey honest. That is, until Comey showed up at the New York TImes office on June 22 for a three hour meeting with Times reporters. When asked about the Comey visit to the Gray Lady, Trump acknowledged that when Comey‘s interview plays out on the front page of the New York Times, Comey’s duplicity from the contradictions between his prior statements and his most recent claims in print.

Comey‘s remark in a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing about Trump recording their conversation resulted, a day later, in the appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel (rather than Special Prosecutor) by GOP Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who collapsed under pressure from Democrats who knew President Richard M. Nixon was ousted because of the taping system he had installed in the Oval Office. Now bitter socialist Democrats see the soon-coming demise of Donald Trump the same way. In Nixon‘s case, the taping system and the physical tapes were all the evidence of wrongdoing the left needed to impeach Nixon, or force him to resign from office. Nixon chose to resign. In Trump‘s case, no evidence of any wrongdoing exists, nor was there any malfeasance committed by anyone in the Executive Branch except Democrats from the prior administration.

It is time for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire the Special Counsel until such time as real evidence of criminal activity is produced which irrefutably proves Donald Trump colluded with the Russian government to steal the Election of 2016. Meuller, who already knows that the Russians did not attempt to rig the 2016 election, has already expanded his own authority to investigate whether or not Trump obstructed justice by firing Comey. Add to that is the far-reaching allegation by Democrats that Trump has committed financial crimes because foreigners staying in Trump hotels around the world are paying for staying in his hotels.

Myself, I think the Justice Department should begin an investigation of the Obama Administration, from Jan. 20, 2009 until Obama‘s Deep State is deep-sixed, and all of those have attempted to overthrow the Constitution of the United States are confined behind bars for the rest of their lives. Honest government begins with honest servants of the people. We haven’t had too many of them for the last eight years. Certainly not on the Democratic side of the aisle.