Putin Calls Flap Over Trump’s Meeting With Russian Diplomats ‘Political Schizophrenia’

Putin Calls Flap Over Trump’s Meeting With Russian Diplomats ‘Political Schizophrenia’

By Ann Simmons – LA TIMES

[Comments by Alan Knutson: Back on May 9th, I did a “rant” about how our Texas legislature became the 18th state to pass some kind of anti-BDS legislation in support of the Zionist entity some refer to as Israel. I used the phrase “political schizophrenia” to describe the behaviour of our politicians who honour with legislation the very criminal bastards responsible for the ills that plague us–the open migration, abortion, drugs, etc. etc. etc.

This is the downside to living in Texas; our state politicians are all on their knees ready, willing and able to suck the kneecaps of Organized Jewish Interests. It’s an amazing thing to me, on all of the issues that this very conservative state is against such as the open borders and uncontrolled immigration, the abortion issue which our wheelchair-bound, Catholic governor has had some success in fighting back against, drugs etc. etc. etc., the state politicians have no clue that the people who pushed for and are responsible for the open immigration, the abortion on demand and the flow of drugs into the state from Mexico are the very same bastards they are trying to protect and promote with this bill that was just signed into law.

Political schizophrenia!!

Five plus three equals two when one is under the influence of the Jew!

So when I saw this headline tonight from the LA Times, it kind of caught my attention. 🙂

No, Mr. Putin is not on my e-mail list. No, I am not a Russian agent. But if I had to choose, I would choose the sanity of the Orthodox Christian-based thinking of the current Russian leadership over the insane Jewish tribal thinking that controls and directs our foreign and domestic policy here in the States at this time. The real insanity of course is with the media here in America, whether “liberal” or “conservative,” as it represents the interests of the Internationalist community and the cultural Marxists, that is, of Organized Jewish Interests.

It’s actually an interesting article. The last paragraph has Putin summing up the situation perfectly. No, you will never hear him mention or talk about the “Jewish influence” over American political affairs–he’s waaay too sophisticated and revolves in very polite circles to ever risk saying that as the anti-Semitic card would be thrown out there and our domestic Jews here would be calling for us to go bomb Putin as the next Hitler. He’s too smart to fall into that trap and unfortunately he does not have a “Jewish” daughter, son-in-law and Jewish grandchildren he can fall back on. 🙂

Maybe Putin could adopt a Jewish baby!  Remember a few years back, there was a trend here in America among all the Hollywood actors and celebrities to adopt Black babies as their careers eroded, their boobs sagged or if they got in trouble with the law and wanted to curry favour with the Jewish publishers and producers to prove they are not “raaaacist”?  Putin, and other foreign leaders could do the same! To wit:

Are you and your country at risk of getting bombed by America? Adopt a Jewish baby!  Are you being accused of ‘human rights violations”?Adopt a Jewish baby! Is America and her internationalist pundits accusing you of “killing your own people?” Adopt a Jewish baby!  Are you being accused of being “homophobic” because you don’t allow the sale or promotion of homosexual porn to minors? Adopt a Jewish Baby! Are you being accused or “war crimes” because you are successful in taking out Israeli-supported ISIS/Al-Qaeda fighters in the Mideast? Adopt a Jewish baby!  Has America and the West put economic sanctions on your country because you have not caved to their banking system? Adopt a Jewish baby! LOL:)  In fact, I am ROTFLMAO!  No, I haven’t been drinking, but I am about to go grab a sip of something for a scratchy throat after this front rolled through stirring something up–pollen, dust.  Besides, after this “rant” I think I’ve earned it. 🙂 ]

End of Comments by Alan Knutson


Ann Simmons – LA TIMES

Putin Calls Flap Over Trump’s Meeting With Russian Diplomats ‘Political Schizophrenia’

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer to provide a transcript of a controversial private Oval Office meeting between President Trump and two Russian diplomats has further fueled allegations that the White House has had improper dealings with Moscow, a U.S. adversary.

Putin said allegations that Trump had disclosed top-secret intelligence to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak, Moscow’s ambassador to the U.S., proved that the U.S. was  “developing political schizophrenia,” according to the Russian state-controlled news agency Tass, which quoted comments Putin made at a Wednesday news conference in Sochi, Russia.

“If the U.S. administration considers it possible, we are ready to submit a transcript of Lavrov’s talk with Trump to the U.S. Senate and Congress, if, of course, the U.S. administration would want this,” Putin said.

According to Tass, the Russian president  jokingly told reporters that he would have to “reprimand” Lavrov for being “bad” and not sharing “these secrets neither with me nor with the Russian secret services, which is very inappropriate on his part.”

Putin’s comments followed Monday’s revelation by the Washington Post that Trump had disclosed highly classified information to the Russian diplomats that a U.S. ally had provided on condition that it be kept confidential.

Reuters reported that a Kremlin aide later told reporters that Moscow had a written record of the conversation and not an audio recording.

The way Lavrov’s meeting with Trump came about has also raised questions over whether the U.S. president had been played. According to the Washington Post, in a phone call eight days before the Russian foreign minister showed up at the White House, Putin requested that Trump meet with Lavrov, who was headed to the U.S. for previously scheduled meeting with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during a gathering of the Arctic Council in Fairbanks, Alaska.

“Putin glossed over that detail with Trump, however, and once he agreed to a face-to-face meeting with Lavrov, the Russian minister changed his plans to jet first to Washington,” the Post reported.

Several U.S lawmakers dismissed Putin’s offer to provide a transcript of Trump’s meeting with the Russian diplomats, from which the U.S. news media was barred and only a Russian photographer permitted to attend.

In an interview with CBS News, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Putin was “the last person Trump needs to vouch for him right now,” adding that the credibility of any transcript the Kremlin could provide “would be less than zero.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) also scoffed at the trustworthiness of Moscow’s transcript offer, telling Fox News that “if it comes in an email, I wouldn’t click on the attachment.”

The Kremlin has ridiculed the flap in the U.S. over allegations of possible collusion between members of Trump’s campaign during his run for the White House and the president’s seemingly cozy relations with Putin. Moscow has denied meddling in U.S. elections and political affairs.

Putin warned that the United States’ anti-Russian rhetoric could backfire.

“You know what surprises me? They are destabilizing the internal political situation in the United States under anti-Russian slogans,” Putin said, according to Tass. “They either do not understand that they are harming their own country, which means they are just short sighted, or they understand everything, and that means that they are dangerous and unscrupulous people.”