GE CEO On Disagreeing With Trump: It’s All About Money!

GE CEO On Disagreeing With Trump: It’s All About Money!

By Jackie Wattles – CNN

[OpEd by Alan Knutson: As Trump rolled back some onerous environmental regulations this past week, the JMSM has been besides themselves in condemning him for it.  This was one of those articles which actually spells out the truth about Eco issues if one is paying attention and is capable of critical thinking.

“GE has booked $300 billion in revenue from its environmental initiative, called Ecomagination, over the past 12 years.”

It’s about MONEY.  🙂

Corporate “concern” for the environment and all of the “threats to the environment” that we are bombarded with on a daily basis from the corporate-funded JMSM in the form of global warming, CO2 levels, rising ocean levels etc etc etc, are all a product of Jewish financial interests via what is referred to as Wall Street and the financial marketplace of stocks and bonds–equity and debt. I am not against either. When it comes to debt, it is a question of how much, at what cost and who benefits from it. But what I am saying is that there is a lot of money to be made in the “saving the environment,”  “combating global warming” and the “building Green” movement and what Trump is doing is shifting the flow of funds away from these corporate interests — who profit at the expense of people under the auspices of “saving the planet”–back to everyday people who are the ones who end up paying more for “Green” products or “environmentally safe” products or “energy compliant” houses.

It’s all bullsh** dear readers. I think Trump knows it’s all gone too far.

Now, am I against energy-efficient building? Not at all. Long time readers know I have, shall we say, “bragged” about using foam insulation 15 years ago before it became vogue. I have always believed the less money you can pay the utility companies, the better off the homeowner/occupant will be over the long run.  In my own field of building, I have come to see and realize those things that contribute to that end and those things that do not. Foam insulation in walls and attics, low U-factor windows and LED light bulbs do indeed cut down on energy use which one can readily see on their utility bill.  Low-water consuming faucets, toilets and shower heads do not yield significant savings for homeowners. Multi-family properties, however, where the owner is paying the water invoice for a collective of individual units and where the owner is able to use the economies of scale buying power of, say a 200 unit complex, to negotiate a very low price on many low-flow faucets or shower heads, can see a notable savings.  Perspective, as in life in general, is very important here in analysis of this subject.

So, in looking at the corporate facet of this debate, it is easy to see why they have an interest in promoting an international narrative of fear about the environment; it’s good for business!!  Rather than simply competing on price and quality, they can pull away from that scenario and create markets for new products with higher gross margins which give people emotional satisfaction in that buying a “Green” product mitigates their fear and guilt of contributing to the destruction of the planet. Crazy, I know. But that’s what it’s all about and sadly, it works amazingly well. People fall for it head over heels. Again, I’m not saying I want a world without any environmental controls or restrictions. What I’m saying is, that which has been sold to us as being “environmentally friendly” does not always have the long-term benefits promised and that the significant financial benefits of legislation mandating such environmentally-friendly rules tend to accrue to huge multi-national entities, which are traded on stock exchanges, not the American people. Trump knows this.

 GE’s Immelt is also an “open borders” guy as are most heads of international Big Corporate for the reasons I have “ranted” about here for many, many years–cheap labour and to force downward pressure on the  wages of American labour.  Interesting observation that I have not seen anyone ever comment on and that is, if Big Corporate does indeed favour cheap labour as they do — and who doesn’t like it, right, I sure do, $8.00/h dry-wallers – better than Sex — then why do they not get behind the social efforts  of the Catholic Church? You know the no birth-control people. If every couple in America were having six, or more, kids, then there indeed would be a steady supply of cheap labour in this country. And they’d already be English literate, have an American sense of “community”, not be overly criminal in nature as the Catholics seem to be successful in instilling, at a young age, good behaviour among their children and would be willing to carry the big-family culture into the future to insure long-term corporate profitability, via low or very competitive wages, thus providing stockholders a stable return on their investment. But we don’t see that do we? An honest investigator, or social commentator, needs to ask the question of “why?”  Why bring foreigners into a nation rather than encouraging the growth of English-speaking, American-valued–and dare I say “White”– home-grown populations from which to get their labour from?  Well, there is obviously a war on the people, the population mass of America. The financial PTBs clearly have some kind of an interest in seeing the existing American population destroyed and replaced with something else.

I mentioned “sex” above for a metaphorical comparison but it got me thinking. The only world leader I have ever seen in recent history to encourage procreation is….wait for it……Vladimir Putin!  Yes, Eastern or Orthodox Christianity-inspired Putin. That Putin, the one who, if we listened to the Jewish neo-conservatives Republicans that jumped ship and supported Hillary,  is this EEEvil violator of human rights in Russia, who doesn’t let George Soros funded political antagonists like Pussy Riot desecrate a church and who doesn’t let homosexual porn be promoted to minors. Yep, that Putin. A number of years back, he gave people the afternoon off to “go home and make a baby!” Flippin’ amazing! If he had my head of hair, one could describe him as an American hippie from the sixties; you know, make love, not war! But he is not, but indeed a Head of State and that makes it even more important a statement, a cultural statement where the nation of Russia is at culturally and spiritually that child creation is once again publicly valued. This did not happen in low-wage heaven China, it did not happen here in America. Nope, it happened in Orthodox Christian-awakened Russia; another reason the Jews don’t like Russia and why we keep hearing all the time in all the news headlines about congressional and now senate investigations into “Russian meddling” with our elections. The Jews are afraid of Russia–dare I say, White Christian Russia–because Russia has been able to begin to undo the damage the Jewish bolsheviks, the communists, did to Russia starting with the revolution back in 1917.   Putin “gets it” which is why he and Russia are “enemies of America” as our Jewish inspired politicians prattle to us about and which the JMSM report likewise. I mean think about it, Putin is promoting that which the Jews always love to promote–Sex! He’s saying, “go home and bang your wife,” to put it in common street parlance. Yet, to the JMSM and our politicians here in America, he is a “violator of human rights.”  The double standard of the two-faced, forked-tongue, hypocrites which are Organized Jewish Interests is clear.]

End of OpEd


General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt says he tries to stay out of politics — but he’s found it necessary to speak out against some of President Trump’s policies.

“I think we’re cowards if we don’t take a position occasionally on those things that are really consistent with what our mission is and where our people stand,” Immelt told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria.

Immelt explained why he has come out against Trump’s travel ban, his position on climate change, and his decision to build a border wall with Mexico.

GE has booked $300 billion in revenue from its environmental initiative, called Ecomagination, over the past 12 years. Immelt said he believes in working to help protect the environment, and that’s why he spoke out against Trump’s rollback of environmental regulation.

And as a multi-national corporation, Immelt said GE (GE) had to stand against the travel ban.

“We have a lot of people that live in the Middle East. We have a lot of people that travel. It’s my duty to stand up for them,” he said.

But Immelt, a member of Trump’s manufacturing council, doesn’t disagree with everything the president is doing.

“In many ways I agree exactly with what Trump is doing,” he said. He pointed to the White House’s promise to pursue tax reform and infrastructure spending, as well as regulatory reform.

“I still think the U.S. economy is on a steady economic growth pattern,” he said, adding that economies around the world are looking stronger as well.

But he warned about reading too much into the rise in the stock market.

“When you go to Wall Street, it’s ultimately going to be proven out in earnings of companies and cash flow more so than, you know, speculation of which law is going to get passed,” he said.