Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 – 2017)

By February 22, 2017Current Affairs

Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 – 2017)

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast Forward

I don’t give a shit whether anyone watching the video, “Donald Trump: The Long Road to the White House” likes or hate him.

But, those who have the humility and the desire to do some good for their country such as Malaysia, presently suffering from the evil scourge of tyranny, abuse of power and corruption, I hope they will learn something from the documentary video of Trump’s incredible and unprecedented journey to the White House. More so, for those who aspire to be leaders of Malaysia.

But, as in all things, we have assholes and self-indulging politicians and or pseudo politicians who boast that they are the epitome of virtue, religiously / politically correct, intellectually savvy and know everything about running for the highest office in their country.

Thus far in Malaysia, we have only six prime ministers and as such these wannabes cannot count themselves as talking from experience as they have none.

If truth be told, they are in a state of delusion and have a hollow disposition – empty, low in energy and to borrow a local cliché, “all thunder, but no rain”. Very sad, so sad that they have held themselves out to be otherwise!

We can always learn from anyone, their good points and their bad experiences. Watching this video, reading the books written by Trump, the commentaries by his friends and foes and the grueling campaign leading to his victory as the President of the United States, I have learned so much.

One cannot get such invaluable lessons, by attending any course on Political Science, Human Behaviour, Crisis Management, Mass Communications etc. from any of the renowned universities in the US, Europe and Asia.

It is in much the same way that I learned from Tun Mahathir Mohamad while working with him as his Political Secretary when he was the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia and now as the Elder Statesman, leading the charge to remove Najib as prime minister.

If anyone wants to learn about facing and overcoming extreme challenges and adversity, one can get no better living Gurus than Tun and Trump.

I therefore invite all of you to remove your blinkers, be humble and learn from such successful leaders. Seek truth from facts, not fake news and or propaganda!

Please watch the video below: