Why Some Muslims Hate Trump And The Propaganda Of The Termination Of Acting AG Sally Yates, USA On Immigration

By January 31, 2017Current Affairs

Why Some Muslims Hate Trump And The Propaganda Of The Termination Of Acting AG Sally Yates, USA On Immigration

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward

I am indeed surprised that some Muslims from various parts of the world have expressed so much hate and emotional anger  against President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Before proceeding on the main substance of this article, please do yourself a favour and Google: “Soros, Donald will win popular votes, Hillary will win the “Electorial College votes” and be president. No way Donald can be the president.”

But, unfortunately for Clinton who did not follow his backer’s advice, Donald’s strategy ensured he won the Electorial College votes (the Constitutional path to victory) to the astonishment of Soros, the financier of Killary Clinton. For better understanding of “Electorial College” votes, see End Notes at the bottom of this article.  

As in all British Parliamentary systems, popular votes do not count but the number of parliamentary seats won by a contesting party decides which party governs the country.

Therefore, the path to victory in the USA is securing “Electorial College” votes as provided by the Constitution. Since its founding, no one, after hundreds of years, have ever questioned its legality, constitutionality and legitimacy. Even Al Gore has to concede Bush’s victory after the Supreme Court held Bush won enough of the Electorial College votes (even if it was a small margin and after initial dispute) and Al Gore did so without further rancour, anger or hate.

The same applies to British electorial politics. No one has ever challenged the victory of any party when results are announced as to which party won the most parliamentary seats.

All Western governments, global banks, hedge funds who supported the New World Order (NWO) backed and financed Killary Clinton in the US$Billions. Even the elites and war lords (very familiar to Malaysians) of the Republican Party opposed Donald Trump’s campaign because he refused to toe the line of the establishment. He was an outsider, never held any political office at all and was not beholden to lobbyists and big donors!

He was a big threat to the entire global establishment. Donald in his campaign speeches openly told these elites to “piss off” and that he would not kow tow to them and or need their filthy tainted money. He funded a large part of the campaign with his own money and was supported by small donations from supporters and “first time voters”.

This was a nightmare to all political parties who have relied on party politics to assert and maintain control. This is all too similar to the Malaysian political scenario.

Many Malaysians who received my messages prior to Trump’s victory were warned: “the entire establishment, globally and in USA have priced massively for the victory of Killary… meaning Trump will surely lose. Killary’s victory will result in a huge spike in the stock market and vice versa if Trump wins” (i.e. market crash).

Soros placed bets on Trump’s defeat and as reported lost over US$1 Billion. Likewise, all the global big money lost fortunes. They were seething with anger, hate and humiliation – “how the f…%$ can this happen, this political bastard has screwed us big time” was the sentiment. I suppose if one of you lost US$1 billion or more you would be in the same state of mind. The rest is history. The entire global MSM went on a warpath and spew fake news, lies and filthy propaganda against Trump to the extent of even attacking his 10 year old son. They just couild not accept the humiliating defeat!

Wikileaks exposed all the lies and cheating of Killary who ousted  her rival, Bernie Sanders from being the Democratic Party’s candidate against Trump. The ringleader of the Party admitted to this fraud and resigned in disgrace. The whistleblower who leaked the DNC’s emails exposing the fraud was subsequently murdered. There were other exposures by Wikileaks but it is not necessary for the purposes of this article to provide further details. It is all in the public domain.

But, more importantly it was exposed that the Obama/Clinton regime was responsible for the invasion of Libya and the brutal murder of the great African and Muslim leader Gaddaffi and turned Libya into a broken failed state. The political bitch Killary, publicly, over a live broadcast, laughed and said “We Came, We Saw and He died”, after Gadaffi was brutally sodomised by a knife and then murdered (all graphically shown in a video).

How strange that some of the fanatical Muslims in Malaysia did not deem it fit and proper to condemn this heinous war crime but instead vent their anger against Trump who has yet to kill any Muslims or commit war crimes and or invade any Muslim country.     

Additionally, even the MSM have to publish that the Obama/Clinton regime was responsible for ISIS, the creation of the deviant Wahhabists from Saudi Arabia. Killary openly admitted that it was so! Blood is on the hands of these two leaders fomenting and inciting Muslims to kill Muslims. These war criminals also admitted and confessed that they support Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria (Jabhat Fateh al-Sham formerly known as the al-Nusra Front) who have been trained by the CIA to fight against President Assad in their efforts to effect regime change in Syria. Yet, only recently, Al Qaeda was labeled as the “terrorist organization responsible for 9-11” by war criminal Bush.

ISIS represents “Radical Islamic Terrorism” a barbaric deviation of Islam and a blaspheme against Allah! We can call them by whatever names, but the fact remains – they are a disgrace to Allah and Islam and by international law, terrorists and mass murderers. I agree totally with Trump’s definition of ISIS as Radical Islamic Terrorism.

This is the ugly truth.

Fanatical Muslims cannot accept this ugly Truth!!!!! They are a curse to Islam. Traitors to Islam!

How strange that some of the fanatical Muslims in Malaysia did not deem it fit and proper to condemn this heinous war crime but instead vent their anger against Trump who has yet to kill any Muslims or commit war crimes and or invade any Muslim country.     

ISIS has slaughtered thousands of innocent men, women and children, raped and enslaved women and young girls to satisfy the lust of these barbaric terrorists. They have burnt and drown their victims alive in cages which have been televised all over the world even by MSM media and buried alive prisoners. Mass executions have also been committed. These barbaric terrorists have destroyed churches and ancient sacred monuments, artifacts and Syria’s national treasures. 

The demonic supporters of Soros and Killary have yet to condemn these atrocities and terrorists. Why?

How strange that some of the fanatical Muslims in Malaysia did not deem it fit and proper to condemn this heinous war crime but instead vent their anger against Trump who has yet to kill any Muslims or commit war crimes and or invade any Muslim country.

These fanatical Muslims hate Trump because he has correctly labeled ISIS as “Radical Islamic Terrorism” and for no other reason. Some even say, “I happen to hate Trump” whatever that means!

Why have these fanatical Muslims not condemn and hate Putin and Russia, the heroic Hezbollah and Iran for fighting against ISIS and now finally defeating them in Syria?

All three welcomed Trump’s statement and intention to join their efforts to destroy and defeat ISIS.

Why the double standard, when Hezbollah and Iran (Muslims) have declared ISIS as terrorists and deviants and must be destroyed. These fanatics cannot be said to be ignorant of these public stance by Hezbollah and Iran.

And by the way, Hezbollah is the only Muslim army that has defeated Israel’s vaunted army in the 2006 war and Israel armed forces have admitted that they were so defeated! The entire corrupt freaking military of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar etc. with all the modern weaponry supplied by USA dare not even lift a finger in anger against the Israelis. And these so-called ISIS terrorists when wounded in battle scattered to Israel for medical treatment. I challenge any of these fanatical Muslims in Malaysia to prove me wrong.  

In all his public statements and speeches, Trump has said that he will “destroy ISIS” and hopes to work with Putin and Russia to achieve this objective. He never said that he wants to “destroy Muslims or Islam”. I challenge this small minority of fanatical Muslims to prove otherwise.

We must condemn all forms of terrorism – Zionist Israel’s terrorism, Christian Zionist hate crimes etc. No double standards! And I have consistently condemned such criminals without fear or favour.  My Malaysian friends, renowned global activists and I have risked our lives on three occasions to defend the Palestinians in their right to reclaim their land and resist Israeli’s barbaric wars against them. But, that does not make us anti-Semites. We fight against all forms of injustice without fear or favour.

But, how many of these fanatical Muslims (who criticize us) in the comfort of their homes dare face the Israeli commandos and or their prisons?

Now, we move to the juicy parts, the area of contention that have made these fanatical Muslims go into a frenzy – the laws passed in USA restricting certain types of immigrants from war torn countries in the Middle East and put into effect and enforced by President Trump.

In my WhatsApp messages to Malaysians, and in an article posted to my website and one video of Bill Clinton as well as three other videos of Obama and Killary, I had exposed who were the real people behind these laws – Bill Clinton and Obama and legislated by the then Dem ocratic controlled US Congress. But Bill and Obama did not have the guts to enforce the laws which they were responsible. Obama initiated these laws in 2011, modified and extended the provisions in 2015!

How strange that some of the fanatical Muslims in Malaysia did not deem it fit and proper to condemn these laws by Obama and Bill Clinton but instead vent their anger against Trump.

It is the constitutional right of any country to legislate any laws that she deemed right and proper to do so, to safeguard the country, its citizens and properties.

Likewise, Malaysia has legislated similar laws.

It was Obama, the false Muslim who demanded that seven countries in the Middle East be specifically named in the legislation that required stringent vetting and screening before any person from those countries are allowed to enter the USA. Absolutely right and proper!

How strange that these fanatical Muslims have not condemn Obama but vent their anger on Trump.

Now, I will pose to these fanatical, demented Muslims in Malaysia this US$ Trillion question:

Why have all these Muslims who want to go to the USA not seek refuge in the neighbouring MUSLIM COUNTRIES, the nearest ABODE OF ISLAM FOR THE UMMAH?

They have labelled and denounced USA as “Satan” but they demand right of entry even when they are undocumented and or  without any proper or adequate documentation. Why and what right do they have to make these demands?

How very strange, to demand entry to a country which their religious leaders denounced as a depraved country because the women are not properly covered as reqiured under the Sharia, a sinful country and a nation of infidels. Why demand entry to a country of infidels?

But, their neighbours, being Muslim countries and implement the Sharia stringently, is not their first choice. I would even say, these countries are not and never THEIR CHOICE at all. The reason is simple. These countries have despotic, feudal, corrupt regimes under the absolute rule of Monarchs CREATED FOR IMPERIAL CONTROL BY THE BRITISH FOLLOWING THE SYKES-PICOT AGREEMENT in 1916.

Before the First World War, there was the Ottoman Empire, a Muslim empire. There were no Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, etc. All these countries were created by the Imperial power of Britain and in the case of the filthy corrupt Saudi tribal leader, granted the mandate to be “King” and “Custodian” of the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina. These so-called Musklim countries were created by the greatest infidel, the Imperial “Great Britain”! Is this not the biggest irony?

Another question to these fanatical Muslims in Malaysia.

Before condemning Trump, have these Muslims in Malaysia who are so concerned with the welfare of immigrants to USA asked or demanded from the Najib regime to OPEN OUR BORDERS and LET ALL OF THEM TO ENTER OUR COUNTRY REGARDLESS OF THEIR STATUS AND OR DOCUMENTATION?

Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!  See the double standards and hypocrisy!

I believe that the above analysis is more than sufficient to trash the arguments of the fanatical and demented Muslims in Malaysia who are a disgrace to our country and to Islam.

On the diversionary issue of “Trump like Najib sacking the AG” of USA, allegedly stated by a lawyer, my answer is very simple and can be substantiated by a mere click of the computer mouse. A moderate Muslim used the Whatsapp message “Trump like Najib sacked AG” to ridicule me, that I have been proven wrong with regard to my views on Trump, even though I had repeatedly stated:

It does not matter whether you like or hate Trump, support or oppose him. He has been duly elected as President by the people of USA in accordance with the US Constitution. I was able to forecast his victory because I studied the issues and facts leading to the election. US is in a bloody financial mess. Trump was the only contender to appreciate and understand the mood of the people. Killary, the dEMOCRATIC party hacks and the Republican party elites were so corrupt that they were in a state of denial. Obama was mouthing rubbish and fantasies when he boasted that one of his legacy was that the country has fully recovered from the horrors of the Bush regime, completely ignoring his own contribution to the mess.

45 Million Americans on food stamps, over 95 million unemployed and students burdened with debt slavery, murder and mayhem in most if not all inner cities, mainly controlled by the democrats. Mainly populated by the Afro-Americans, rape, murder and drug abuse are rampant as a result of failed policies.

70,000 factories have closed down and shuttered – why do you think the places, towns etc. across USA are referred to as the “Rust Belt”? Infrastructures – roads, bridges, ports, airports, rivers are all in need of major repairs and upgrade, comparable to third world countries.

So Trump (and the only candidate to declare this objective) promised to “drain the swamp”, “make America Great Again”, “create and provide jobs, jobs, jobs”, “abolish Obamacare”, “no more wars and regime change”, “build the wall to prevent uncontrolled influx of illegal immigrants, drugs, etc”, “rebuilt the inner cities and make the country safe”!

Trump is no saint and we need to watch and determine whether he would end up as Obama etc. a puppet for the Deep State and the puppet masters hiding in plain sight in UK. Thus far, he is implementing all his campaugn promises. These are early days to pass judgment. 

In a similar situation in the Philippines, the new president Duerte even implemented the extreme measures of extra judicial killings and he was lauded as a hero not only in his country but also in the ASEAN countries, when he whacked Obama as a “whore” for interfering in the affairs of his country.   

Coming back to the issue of the “sacking of the Acting AG Sally Yates by Trump”, I shall rely on an American expert in Constitutional and Administrative law in USA to make the reply, as I would not be so egoistical to pass superficial judgments on an area of law and practice where we in Malaysia have little or no expertise. I therefore reproduce the following from Wikipedia:

Law professor Jonathan Adler claimed, however, that “Yates did not claim she was convinced the order was unlawful, but only that it was not “wise or just”.” Saying that he was “not aware of any instance in which the Justice Department has refused to defend a presumptively lawful executive action on this basis,” he argued that Yates should have resigned. (Yates is reported to have considered resigning, but said she did not want to leave her successor facing the same question.)

The editors of National Review said her defiance of the executive order was “inappropriate”, since Yates was unelected and “every official in the Justice Department knows, if one disagrees with the law one is called upon to apply, or the policy one is bound to enforce, one is free to resign.

Another critical fact has been covered up. The Executive Order as is required was vetted by White House Legal Counsel who advised that it is a lawful order and in accordance with the laws introduced by Obama and casn be enforced!

What a distortion and misinterpretation of the law and practice of an “Acting AG” pending the official confirmation of senator Jeff Sessions as the new AG of the USA when the relevant person posted in a whatsapp message: “Trump like Najib sacked AG”.

What a mis-comparison if ever there was one! How unfortunate!

Additional Information

All executive appointments are at the absolute discretion of an incoming President. He may or may not re-appoint an existing appointment from the incumbent ruling party different from that of the president – i.e. a Republican President may re-appoint a Democratic party’s appointment. But, this is very rare in practice.

The AG, like all executive appointees e.g. Secretary of State, Defence etc. are appointed by the President at his absolute discretion and confirmed by the Senate (a formality if the ruling party has a majority, and more cumbersome if it depends on bipartisan support).

On or before the 20th January of the year of inauguration, all current appointees vacate their office and retire. Period! This is because they are all political appointments.

Thus, the Acting AG pending the new AG serves at the sole pleasure of the new President and as explained above by the Law Professor and Editors of National Review.   

To round up the discussion, let’s examine the recent history of the appointments of AG of the USA from Bill Clinton to Trump.

Please note the date: 20th January of the year of appointment or retirement i.e. the date of inauguration since the founding of America. That date never changes.

78th AG, Janet Reno under Bill Clinton. Retired on 20th January 2001

Bush succeeds Bill Clinton officially on 20th January, 2001. The date of inauguration.

79th AG, John Ashcroft succeeded Reno but resigned on Feb 3, 2005. Bush appoints:

80th AG, Albetto Gonzales. Resigned on September 2007.

Bush appoints:

81st AG, Michael Mukasey. Retired on 20th January 2009

Obama succeeds Bush officially on 20th January, 2009. The date of inauguration. He appoints:

82nd AG, Eric Holder. Resigned on April 2015.

Obama appoints Lorreta Lynch. Retired on or before 20th January 2017

Trump succeeds Obama officially on 20th January 2017. The date of inauguratrion.

Trump appoints “Acting AG” Sally Yates as Senator Sessions’ confirmation delayed.

Having failed to resign following disobedience of a lawful executive order in accordance with the law enacted by Obama, Sally Yates was terminated by Trump in accordance with the Constitution and law.

Trump appoints another “Acting AG”, Dana Boente pending confirmation of Senator Sessions as the new AG.

These are the facts which all responsible commentator must provide before making hasty opinions and or statements deriding or ridiculing a person in another country which we have little or no expertise.

We can hate or be angry with a person. But any criticisms must be based on concrete facts, not fake news or infantile propaganda.


Do not speak or write without first exercising one’s brains and after due research.

No one is perfect, but we owe a duty of care to be as accurate and informative as we can and not make statements that does not stand up to scrutiny.

End Notes

The United States Electoral College is the mechanism established by the United States Constitution for the indirect election of the President of the United States and Vice President of the United States. Citizens of the United States vote in each state at a general election to choose a slate of “electors” pledged to vote for a party’s candidate.[2][3]

The Twelfth Amendment requires each elector to cast one vote for president and another vote for vice president.[4] In each state and the District of Columbia, electors are chosen every four years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and then meet to cast ballots on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December.[5] The candidates who receive an absolute majority of electoral votes among the states are elected President and Vice President of the United States when the Electoral College vote is certified by Congress in January.