NAACP Vows to Oppose Trump’s Voter Fraud Investigation

By January 29, 2017Current Affairs

NAACP Vows to Oppose Trump’s Voter Fraud Investigation

By Alan Knutson

[FF Editorial: The same is happening in Malaysia via a different modus operandi. I pray and hope that a whistleblower would leak the relevant evidence to Wikileaks or some other social media so that we can ensure the criminal cabal would not be able to rigged the system.]

I have observed that Trump is a bit of a fisherman. He throws stuff out there to see the reaction of people and to see who will bite. He then re-baits the hook and throws it out again. This whole popular-vote issue that the “left” says he is not the legitimate president because he didn’t win the popular vote and then he counter-punches back saying he did if it weren’t for the illegal/dead vote is such a lure of political bait. However, I’m beginning to think there is more there, one, because Trump keeps bringing it up and two, because of the reaction of a group like the NAACP claiming they are going to fight it. If there is nothing to be found, then what’s to fight? Why are they in such a stir rather than simply laughing at Trump for being an idiot for pursuing something that is not there? Nope, they’re scared for a reason. And long time readers will know that the NAACP, originally founded by Jews and up until the early 70’s was controlled by Jews and most likely still is though from behind the scenes, is another one of those groups that, on the surface, purport to be advancing the interests of colored people, but in reality are using them as the point man to engage in cultural subversion of America. If it is ever publicly “found out” to be doing something illegal, it will be Black people who take the blame for it–the Jews pulling the strings from behind will slip away clean.

In America, each state controls what identification documents suffice for “an ID.” Here in Texas with the huge Mexican population, there is something called a matricula card that a lot of the Mexicans have for ID. It is issued by the Mexican government, not the state but Mexico. Many/most/perhaps all jurisdictions accept it as “ID” when they get pulled over for a speeding ticket, nightclubs accept it to prove age of 21+ to get in and buy beer, hospital admission, even a mortgage on a home loan at Banco Popular**, etc, etc, etc. This would take a whole lot of work to survey and study all 50 states to see what can be done with a matricula card but if, say in California, it suffices as “proof” of your existence in lieu of a birth certificate to be able to get a California driver’s license, which then with that, one can register to vote, then Trump’s case is made, he lost the popular vote due to illegals voting in the election. I don’t know for sure, but if Trump keeps bringing this up, I suspect he already knows this. Much like certain loyal elements in the Deep State of the military and the intelligence community had his back in the election, I think someone with some facts about the corruption in the voting system is feeding him some info. And like I said, to go through all 50 states and see what can be done with a matricula card to get this or that, from which one can get that or this, which then would allow someone to register to vote, is a HUUUGE task.

But, when the Jewish-inspired NAACP is making this much “official noise” about something they ought to be laughing at, that tells me Trump is on to something. Where there is NAACP smoke, there is a Jewish fire.

I know, I’ve seen it done. Even the Black-owned mortgage companies were putting spanish-speakers on the payroll to go after that market back in the heyday before 2007. With lenders like Banco Popular out there carrying the paper, it was easier for them to get a home loan for an illegal Mexican than a typical black guy in South Dallas who had crap for credit. The Mexicans had no credit.  In actuality though, they did; it just wasn’t reported. So, with a little extra work, those spanish speakers at the Black-owned mortgage companies could build a positive credit history for someone–legitimately BTW, they simply used the rules established by HUD or by the investor’s criteria. Someone might have 12 months good pay history on a truck at some tote-the-note place that doesn’t report to the big three credit agencies. They’d get that documented history and put it in that illegal’s credit file after having created one in the first place to have a file to put good info into. Vehicles, furniture payments, utility payments and curiously enough, even at a lot of jewelry stores, they might be making payments on time that was then used to build a positive credit history. I understood the vehicle thing, one needs a truck to go pour concrete and hang sheetrock, etc. Never quite figured out the jewelry thing though. Status symbol to have gold things, making payments on the wife’s wedding ring etc–I’m clueless?