Newsweek Admits Faking News: They Didn’t Even Read The “Madam President” Issue Distributed Throughout America

By December 2, 2016Standard

Newsweek Admits Faking News: They Didn’t Even Read The “Madam President” Issue Distributed Throughout America

By Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge


Newsweek’s political editor, Matthew Cooper, looked as though he’d had a rough month when he appeared on the Tucker Carlson show last night to discuss the “Madam President” debacle.  While the printing and distribution of the erroneous “commemorative edition” magazine was embarrassing enough, Cooper also revealed that no one at Newsweek wrote the Hillary article or even bothered to proofread it before it was shipped off to stores around the country. 

Frankly, it’s difficult to discern between fact and fiction with this story, but, given the quality of the writing, we suspect Cooper had little choice but to distance himself and his team completely from the magazine.  Here is a small excerpt in which Trump’s supporters are again referred to as “deplorables” who “called to repeal the 19th amendment.”  Oddly, we covered the election pretty thoroughly and don’t recall anyone calling for a repeal of the 19th amendment…guess we totally missed that one.

“…as the tone of the election grew darker and more bizarre by the day, President-Elect Hillary Clinton ‘went high’ when her opponent went even lower.  No stranger to trudging through the mire of misogyny in her career as first lady, senator, and secretary of state, President-Elect Clinton continued to push for an issues-based campaign even as a handful of Trump’s most deplorable supporters, seeing the wide margins Clinton held among female voters, called to repeal the 19th amendment.  On election day, Americans across the country roundly rejected the kind of fear and hate-based conservatism peddled by Donald Trump and elected the first woman in U.S. history to the presidency.  The culminating election of a career in politics spanning 3 decades and arguably more experience than any other incoming president, 2016’s was not an easy race to watch, comment on or be a part of–but when the dust cleared it revealed a priceless moment in American history.  The highest glass ceiling in the Western World had [been shattered]…”

Of course, in distancing himself from the magazine Cooper noted that the “writing in this is, shall we say, was not up to the editorial standards of Newsweek.”

So, as Zero Hedge and others come under attack from the mainstream media for reporting “fake news”, we now have a concrete example of an establishment “news” source admitting that it printed and distributed fake news under it’s corporate brand that it neither wrote nor even bothered to read, yet no one, other than Fox News, says a word?