NYPD Has Just Come Forward To CONVICT Hillary

By November 11, 2016Current Affairs

NYPD Has Just Come Forward To CONVICT Hillary

By Lestado Codicus – The RealStrategy.com

NYPD make a damning public statement to the public regarding Hillary Clinton.

Huma Abedin and Anthony Wiener are now seeking immunity to testify against Hillary Clinton.

However, is immunity the best option to give a pedophile and his terrorist wife?

Cheryl Mills received immunity during the initial FBI investigation, yet somehow, Hillary Clinton was sitting right next to her during her testimony. This strikes beyond ‘suspicious’.

Huma Abedin has immediate ties with Saudi Arabia, her own mother is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, which encourages all rules enlisted by [Wahhabist] Sharia Law, including the grotesque and inhumane dismemberment and discard of female genitalia.

Abedin is thought to have specific terrorist ties to the tragic 9/11 attacks, bringing down the twin towers in NY. It is also thought that information regarding the Clinton scandals were stored in the buildings that suffered destruction, resulting in over 3,000 American deaths.

The infamous group of hackers, known as Anonymous, have released a video connecting the dots in the most simplistic form, explaining who Huma Abedin really is and why she may hold so many national security secrets.

Huma Abedin is also speculated to be one of the few people that actually know where the Clintons’ “bodies are buried”.

The Clintons are thought to have murdered over 46 people, there are more people “missing” that are most likely buried in a desert somewhere.

Offering Huma Abedin immunity might seem unfair, but it might also be the only choice in cracking down on multitudes of heinous crimes committed by members of the DNC, Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Bill Clinton amongst many other people. This is turning into a worldwide investigation.

The FBI, as a whole, continues to voice their concerns regarding James Comey not properly handling the initial investigation. They guarantee things won’t end the same this time around.