CIA Backs A New Ottoman Caliphate In Eurasia

CIA Backs A New Ottoman Caliphate In Eurasia

By William Engdahl

The PDF article attached below is an excerpt from the book, The Lost Hegemon: Whom the gods would destroy. It is a section dealing with the man behind the recent failed coup d’ etat attempt in Turkey to depose President Recep Erdogan. The man behind the coup is Fetullah Gülen who has been under CIA protection and running his empire in Turkey from Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania since 1998. I think this will give a useful insight into how USA “deep politics” actually works today… continue

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The US$Trillion question: Why would the CIA and British Intelligence wants a Caliphate to be established in Turkey, before spreading its wings to the rest of the Middkle East, and beyond?

And is that insidious  agenda reflected in how the future of IIUM – the Internatrional Islamic Univseristy of Malaysia – will be decided and suureptiously but surely transformed by a slow creep into an appendage of the CIA’s geopolitical agenda?


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