Another Truth Teller Downed In The Line Of Duty

Another Truth Teller Downed In The Line Of Duty

By Anthony James Hall – Mar 2024

Gonzalo Lira Killed, Victoria Nuland Retires, as the Waffen SS Legacy of Ukraine and Canada Continues

Before “retiring” from the US State Department, Victoria Nuland almost certainly consulted with President Volodymyr Zelensky on the decision leading to the death of Gonzalo Lira in a Ukrainian jail. While living in Kharkiv Ukraine, Lira was apprehended and held in prison for the supposed crime of articulating pro-Russian content in his popular videos. He almost escaped to Hungary but was returned to prison where he died on 12 January, 2024.

Nuland’s motivations for wanting Lira dead are illuminated in the content of the video below. Its telling content no doubt had a big role in helping to land Lira in a Ukrainian dungeon where he was denied the treatment he needed to survive his illegal and abusive treatment.

Although Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk did call attention to the dubious circumstances of Lira’s jailing, the media by and large ignored the circumstances of Lira’s passing. The contrast is striking when the lethal silencing of Lira is contrasted to even the media’s poor treatment of Julian Assange in Britain and the West’s exuberant coverage of the largely unexplained death in Russia of dissident Alexei Navalny.

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