Weapons Of The Islamic State – ISIS

Weapons of the Islamic State – ISIS

To the Muslim doubters that ISIS is a construct of false Muslim Obama and Killary Clinton and the rogue elements of CIA, aided and abetted by Mossad and the Arab traitors, just study this very detailed study of this treachery. The greatest irony is that Muslims all over the world chant and shout that they are against the Great Satan etc, but their actions are one of outright betrayal and cowardice.  All the time being manipulated and rendered cheap cannon fodders for the imperial agendas of the British Zionist (who are still the Masters of such mischief), Muslims continue to kill fellow Muslims. Can anyone be as stupid and infantile as these hypocrites????

You the reader be the judge, after you have studied the PDF research on how ISIS was weaponised! Spread this report far and wide!

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