A Simpler, Realistic And Less Confusing Definition Of Money

A Simpler, Realistic And Less Confusing Definition Of Money

By Dick Eastman

I am always looking for a simpler definition of our money and lending system that is “boiled down” to its essence.  Here is one that just occurred to me.

Money is Rothschild permission slips for us to do something economic.  Our payments on our interest debt burden is tribute to Rothschild for giving us the slips which cost Rothschild nothing to provide.

Rothschild permission slips which we get in return for tribute bondage to Rothschild.

The all-borrowed money system of a nation is all about this.

Go to a Rothschild tribute center (bank) because you want to live in a house.

First you establish to Rothschild that you are a plum with sufficient future income to squeeze.  If you are, then they give you Rothschild permission to the tune of, say, $200,000 to buy a house — which costs Rothschild nothing.  Then Rothschild figures the tribute you must pay which is set by Rothschild agents working at the Rothschild owned central bank and the Rothschild banks of the LIBOR interest-price fixing organization at the City — today 2.89 per cent.  The family can’t make big payments so they take out a 20 year tribute payment schedule.  At a Rothschild payment number of 2.89 the family is obligated to pay Rothschild over two million dollars — exactly  $2,635,714 and 61 cents — over the next 20 years.

Now suppose Rothschild later on wants your house to give to immigrants they have moved in to displace an unwanted “anti-Rothschild” investigation of populists.  Rothschild simply makes fewer loans and allows existing tribute/obligation to drain the national money supply  — forcing people who otherwise could have continued meeting their tribute obligations to default.  Rothschild gets the house.

The same is true for the business sector.  Businesses pay tribute on loans necessary for operation.  When Rothschild decides to cut new lending, the interest payments eat up the money supply and the businesses can’t pay tribute and Rothschild gets the business.

The same for the public sector.  When government is paying tribute to Rothschild for permission slips to pay government employees and for the public utilities voted by government, Rothschild can take those utilities through privatization, as the government sells to pay the interest burden.

We live under that system because the Rothschilds own the mainstream media and the economics chairs at universities and the Hillary Clintons in government.  You are told that Americans have died for “the American system”, for “free enterprise” — free??? — and for “our way of life”  — which we are told that the “evil” Moslems hate because they are against paying tribute for permission slips (riba, is their word for it).   But Rothschild has created Israel and the United States and Britain to kill or drive off Moslems from their countries — so we won’t be bothered by any threats to our system of Rothschild permission slips and tribute to Rothschild of which 20 trillion is now owing in the USA.

Yes, tribute payers, vote for Hillary Clinton, who promises rights for paedophiles and other homosexuals to destroy the family which is supposed to raise our children, rights for blacks so they can get their men out of prisons for using drugs provided by Rothschild (since the days of the opium trade with China)  in exchange for votes for Hillary, rights for women to get abortions and by affirmative action, like Hillary Clinton, rise by feminist political power to take the jobs from men more honest and competent and mindful of the good of society.  Women plus “minorities” spells victories — so whatever I say is always and ever just empty words.

I think despair is killing millions as I write this.  It’s killing me.

I should define “Rothschild”  — Rothschild is the Jewish mafia families that own and control the Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild system that enslaves mankind throughout the world, mostly using the central banks and the all-borrowed national money supply that leaves Rothschild owning everything and everyone.

I should further state that a very simple and adequate system is known that would do away with the Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild system.  That system is called American Populist Social Credit.