Strange Facts Of The Terrorist Massacre In New Zealand Which Have Been Misdirected Or Misfocused To Promote A Certain Narrative

Strange Facts Of The Terrorist Massacre In New Zealand Which Have Been Misdirected Or Misfocused To Promote A Certain Narrative

By Matthias Chang – Future Fast-Forward


99.9 percent of people throughout the world watching the pictures and the “banned video” of the massacre in NZ have been shocked and horrified into severe mental and physical numbness so much so that they suspended their critical faculties to question the narrative spun by vested interests through the global mass media.

I  have condemned in no uncertain terms that the massacre in NZ, like other massacres, was an act of terrorism in all my several whatsapp messages. To a selected few, locally and overseas, I had expressed my reservations about the said massacre when analysed in the context of similar massacres that have occurred in various parts of the world, by non-Muslim and Muslim terrorists.

I have also stated categorically that “Terrorism” is not an ideology or can it be referred to as the “enemy.” Terrorism has been the excuse to launch wars, as happened after 9/11, when war criminal President George W. Bush launched the “Global War On Terrorism” as a pretext to invade Iraq.

Background Information

Terrorism is a method of warfare, usually unleashed by States to frighten and “terrorise” the target populace of an enemy state and thereafter to impose total submission and subjugation.

Historically, (there are many examples) terrorism by an Empire is best illustrated by the Roman Empire’s brutality. It was a common practice to crucify anyone who opposed the Roman Empirer as well as to punish the common criminals. Terrorism was also a form of entertainment. Men, women and children were frequently led into the then largest stadium, the Coliseum in Rome, to be mauled and eaten alive by lions to the cheers of the blood-thirsty capacity crowd. But, we are more familiar with the story of brave gladiators fighting to the death in the same stadium, made popular by the Hollywood block-buster “The Gladiators” etc.

That said, in summary, in all wars, terrorism (in whatever form or means) is the preferred method of warfare to secure victory – nuclear weapons as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, carpet bombing and chemical warfare (agent orange etc.) in Vietnam, mass killings of selected communities (ethnic or religious) all over the world, gruel-some tortures (Iraq, Afghanistan etc.), deliberate shootings to kill or maim children as in Palestine by Israel, bombings in public places etc.!

Terrorism is also an effective means to incite hate, backlash and social unrest to serve specific agendas of a State.

Terrorism is always conducted by teams, with a patsy (a lone gunman etc) as the culprit. They are trained, armed and financed by State agencies (usually Intelligence Services – CIA, MI6, MOSSAD etc.).  

NZ Massacre Under The Microscope

The fact that the massacre took place in NZ was the first alarm bell to be set off. We must be extremely careful of the narratives (and or any censorship) coming from any government and the global mass media concerning the massacre.

Consider the following facts & connect the dots:

  1. New Zealand (NZ) is one of the five states that constitute the FIVE EYES INTELLIGENCE ALLIANCE, the most, if not one of the most, sophisticated and effective intelligence organisation. The members are – USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. They shared with each other intelligence and monitor their citizens, especially “terrorists” from other states and within their own territory.

  2. The Prime Ministers and the President of the USA are briefed on all terrorist threats and operations (whether false flag operations or otherwise, with SOP of deniability).

  3. 9 percent of terrorists are known to Intelligence Agencies, as terrorist cells are “State Constructs” (i.e. sponsored, financed, armed and trained by them) as a method of warfare, including psychological warfare!

  4. There are centres in NZ that are breeding grounds for the recruitment of fighters to join the ranks of ISIS. Even in Malaysia, ISIS has recruited the naïve and ignorant to fight in Syria.

  5. Anyone who buys and or obtained any guns, ammunitions etc. are immediately on the radar of the Intelligence Agencies and or the police force.

  6. The shooter, Brenton Tarrant is an Australian, have travelled widely in the following countries prior to the massacre – UK, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan. He had liaison with MI6 and was known to Israeli Intelligence.

  7. Following from paragraphs 4, 5, and 6 above, it is impossible for the PM or Intel Agencies of NZ not to be advised and or be informed by Australian Intel etc. of the shooter’s data. It cannot be accepted that the PM and or government of NZ were shocked that such a massacre took place in peaceful Christchurch, when it is a known fact that there are centres for the recruitment of ISIS fighters in NZ, two of which are known to have gone to Syria.

  8. Just prior to the massacre, John Podesta, the campaign mastermind for Hillary in the 2016 Presidential Elections visited NZ and warned of terrorist attacks. The PM of NZ was a close friend of Hillary and was in fact groomed by Hillary when attending university in Arizona. Thereafter, She moved to New York City to join the workers’ rights and poverty movements. She also had a stint with the Blair Labour government and the experience had prepared her to be the PM of NZ. An interesting history indeed.

  9. Additionally, just before the massacre, Malaysia deported several Jihardists to Egypt and a politician criticised our the police force for deporting the Jihardists without authorisation from the Home Ministry. More stunningly, the Turkish Ambassador to Malaysia lodged a formal protest to PM regarding the deportation, when none of the deported jihardists are Turkish citizens. Why the desperation and the need to lodge a formal protest?

  10. It should be noted in 2011, when the war started in Syria, Turkey harboured ISIS members, armed and trained them for her geopolitical agenda (to use ISIS to fight the Kurds from establishing Kurdistan along the borders of Turkey and Syria). President Erdogan changed his stance and allied with Russia to destroy ISIS, after Erdogan was warned of a coup initiated by rogue elements in US Military. The Shooter visited Turkey, Israel etc. prior to the massacre.

  11. There are several occult symbols on the shooter’s guns and attire.

  12. The shooter is not a crazy lone gunman. It has been reported that the NZ police, soon after the massacre arrested three men and a woman who were found in possession IED bomb components.

  13. It was reported that the dead victims were piled up, one on top of another. Why would the shooter having massacred indiscriminately the congregation for Friday prayers, piled up the dead bodies? One would expect in such a situation when the shooter enters the mosque and starts shooting, the people would be scattered, running for safety to escape the massacre. The shooter was shown firing at the piled up bodies! He is not shooting at people in shock and running away from the gunman. Does it make any sense? Accounts by survivors suggest that there was mayhem, with some taking the brunt of the shooting to protect their loved ones, who survived!

  14. Immediately, global news came out with the narrative that President Trump is to be blamed for the massacre because the shooter was alleged to be a supporter of Trump. There is no such evidence. We should be reminded that within an hour of the 9/11 attack, the global mass media accused Osama Bin Ladin as the mastermind of the attack when no one has even investigated the terror attack. No one knew that the alleged hijackers were Arabs. BBC announced the collapse of Tower 7 (not even hit by any planes) even before the collapse of the Tower 7. This was a live broadcast.

  15. It was reported that a Malaysian who was wounded, was able to get one of his son to escape from the crime scene and to get help. After the massacre, he was reported to be missing. It was reported that the Malaysian High Commission in Wellington had exhausted all efforts to locate Haziq. If in fact he was shot in the mosque, he could have been easily identified from the pile of corpse. Yet, a few days ago, after the failure to locate him, it was reported that he had died, with no further details. Where was he shot? No details! If he was shot in the mosque, how could he be missing as alleged?

  16. Australia is a racist country. No real difference in NZ. Both countries discriminated against the Maoris, the original inhabitants of both countries. Now, they are trying to portray themselves as peace loving and progressives, as if the past criminal acts and racist policies should be overlooked under the cover of empathy for the Muslims who were brutally murdered. Australia and NZ are supposedly Christian countries but no outcry and condemnation of the massacres of Christians and other faiths in Syria and Libya etc.

What I have enumerated above is just for starters. As time progresses and more details are available, I will update you to get to the bottom of this atrocity and who are the actual masterminds.

The Five Eyes Alliance monitors the globe but, for this massacre, they are totally silent. So, let’s not be stupid, gullible or naïve. Do not swallow lock, stock and barrel what have been dished out by the controlled MSM. As Malaysians, it is our solemn duty to be vigilant and not allow anyone or organisations to launch any false flag operation and have our beloved country torn apart.

There is more to the massacre in NZ than have been reported by global MSM.

Be vigilant!